IPhone 13, screen problems reported: everything turns pink – RB

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IPhone 13, reported problems with screen: turns pink – RB

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IPhone 13, screen problems reported: everything turns pink – RB

IPhone 13, reported problems with screen: it turns pink – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. IPhone 13, reported screen problems: it becomes everything rosa – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

iPhone 13, screen problems reported: everything turns pink – RB


A strange problem plagues the latest generation iPhones, but it is not the first time that Apple phones display strange colors for no apparent reason

21 January 2022

Apple can only be satisfied with the results of its iPhone 13 . Despite the semiconductor crisis, the latest iPhone series 13 it’s going fine. Yet numerous Chinese users report a problem that overshadows the success of Apple’s new iPhones: for no apparent reason the display of Apple phones turn pink .

The reports of problems related to the pink screen of iPhones 13 are multiplying on Weibo , the main social network in China. According to reports so far, the pink screen problem is neither an isolated phenomenon nor is it limited to a change in display hue. Rather, the pink screen would be the first symptom of a series of other problems that worsen over time: lag, flashbacks, tremors, automatic restarts, and so on. At the moment it seems that resetting the settings and updating the system will have no effect, not solving the problem.

Pink screen on iPhone 13: symptoms

Most iPhone Pink Screen Information 11 comes from Chinese users , but it is currently unclear whether the problem is limited to iPhones sold in China. According to what users have reported, the symptoms of the pink screen are varied and different: sometimes the same problem occurs intermittently and without notice. In some cases, the pink screen affects only part of the display . Other times the problem occurs in the form of pink blocks , such as if the screen fragments.

Pink iPhone Screen 13: Models Affected

At present the full range of iPhones 13, then the iPhone 13 ” smooth “, the iPhone 13 Pro and also the iPhone 13 Pro Max , it would be affected by the pink screen issue. Indeed, the phenomenon seems to take on different connotations based on the model: iPhones 13 tend to present the problem in blocks and not be usable; iPhones 13 Pro instead show the pink screen on the the entire display, but without affecting the use of the smartphone itself: the icons of the status bar, apps and other information are accessible without problems.

Pink screen on iPhone 13: maybe it’s a software bug

Based on this information, some users speculate that the iPhone pink screen problems 13 may not be a hardware problem. Rather it is thought that a software bug is the real culprit of the problem . If so, an update from Apple could easily fix the situation.

From this point of view, the precedent of the green screen that afflicted iPhones 12, 11 and X is important: even in that case the problem was caused by a software bug that, over time, was fixed by the company’s developers. In any case, Apple has not commented on the pink screen issue at the moment.

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