iOS 17 adds tons of new ringtones and text tones

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There are some surprises in the public release of iOS 17, with some changes and additions that didn’t first appear in previous beta versions. One of the most intriguing is the large list of new ringtones and text tones.

There are 24 new ringtones:

Arpeggio Break Canopy Chalet Chirp Sunrise Departure Dollop Journey Kettle Mercury Milky Way Quad Radial Scavenger Seedling Refuge Sprinkles Steps Storytime Tease Tilt Unfold Valley

However, the ringtone won’t automatically change when you update to iOS 17. Reflection is still the default, but you’ll find it (and all other tones) in the Classic category.

If you want to update your ringtone to one of these, open Settings, choose Sounds and tactile sensationsthen tap Ringtone.

It’s not just the ringtones that have been updated. Text tones, which are often used for many different alerts, such as messages and mail, are also new. Once again, the current Note the ping sound will remain the default, but along with others it has been moved to the Classic category. iOS 17 tones are:

Antic Cheers Chord Droplet Handoff Milestone Passage Portal Rattle Rebound Slide Welcome

Chord is the only tone in that list that you might find in iOS 16, the rest are all new. You can control them all in the same way Sounds and tactile sensations setting below Tone of the text.

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