Inter, now we need a flash of Inzaghi

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I was among those convinced that the victory at Anfield, even with the elimination, had left energy for a game that was anything but simple. I thought that the good performance in the cup gave us a boost in the league. None of this. An almost forgettable evening in which the only positive note was the draw caught at the end with Sanchez.

For the rest it was a game spent for the most part chasing the grenade in a chaotic and disordered way. The sleep on Bremer’s goal in the 12th minute did not awaken us at all, so neither did the grace of a penalty not granted for a foul on Belotti. We have continued for too long to build from the bottom without speed, distant, inaccurate. Even in the conclusions that punctually found the goalkeeper of Toro Berisha to say no. More or less between one change and another, except for the first few minutes of the second half and the end, we’ve always been pretty bad. Brozovic’s absence cannot be a valid justification; without him maybe we should look for other ways because there is no deputy.

We therefore need a leap, a new intuition, a gamble on the part of Inzaghi. Our technician, who is only applauded, is called upon to do this, to give back life to the team by reshuffling the cards, displacing, surprising to close the season in the best possible way. It is time to be daring.

Last updated: Sunday 13 March 2022, 23:44


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