In Mariupol the situation is increasingly critical

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The city of Mariupol, besieged for over two weeks, is the one on which the hardest and most indiscriminate Russian bombing is being concentrated, as well as the strongest attempts by the Russian army, which is advancing slowly despite the defense of the forces. Ukrainian.

In the last hours, according to various local testimonies, the Russian forces have managed to break through at least part of the defenses and there is fighting in the city center. This does not mean that the city has been conquered: Mariupol is a very large city, which had over 400,000 inhabitants before the war, and it is likely that they will continue to fight house to house, with enormous losses.

But as Vadym Boychenko, the mayor of the city, told BBC, the Ukrainian forces “are doing everything they can” to maintain their position, but “the enemy’s forces are greater than ours”.

There is also fighting around the Azov steel plant, near the city, one of the largest industrial complexes in Ukraine.

The fighting is also impeding the rescue of hundreds of civilians trapped beneath the Mariupol Drama Theater, which was hit by a Russian bombing on Wednesday. The theater was used as a refuge for civilians and housed 1,200 people, according to local authorities. Of these, about 130 managed to escape, but the other 1,000 would still be trapped under the rubble, it is not known in what state: attempts to save them are made very complicated and in some cases impossible by bombing.

The humanitarian situation in Mariupol remains desperate.

The city is without drinking water, without electricity, without heating and without the possibility of obtaining humanitarian aid and supplies. The Russian military is systematically blocking all convoys of food, medicine and other supplies that the Ukrainian authorities have tried to send to the city.

Furthermore, Russian forces are carrying out systematic and incessant bombings, which hit civilian buildings and the most important infrastructures of the city, which has been razed or destroyed in large portions.

According to the city authorities, more than 2,500 people died in Mariupol due to bombing and the siege of Russian forces. There are so many corpses that the authorities have been forced to bury them in mass graves. There are even videos of people forced to bury their neighbors in flower beds and parks.

[Attenzione: il video qui sotto contiene immagini forti: sono state girate da cittadini di Mariupol, e la loro autenticità è stata confermata dai giornalisti del New York Times]

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