In LatviaYesterday, 20:141 On the sidelines, there is no rush to confidently name the candidates for the leadership positions of the future government and the Saeima.

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While waiting for wider discussions, even on the sidelines, it is not yet in a hurry to confidently name the applicants for the leadership positions of the future government and the Saeima.

Saeima session
Saeima session Photo: Ieva Leiniša/LETA

While waiting for wider discussions, even on the sidelines, it is not yet in a hurry to confidently name the applicants for the leadership positions of the future government and the Saeima.

Considering that the parties themselves will still have to make internal decisions, it is indicated that assumptions about some of the positions could be speculation at this time.

Regarding the position of Saeima chairman, which is currently held by Edvards Smiltēns, one of the leaders of the “United List” (AS), it is possible that a representative from the Union of Greens and Farmers (ZZS), as the second largest faction in the Saeima and in the newly formed coalition, could occupy it.

It should be taken into account that the ZZS faction has more than ten members with experience in various leading positions, therefore discussions about several applicants in the party union cannot be ruled out. Among other things, Saeima deputy Gunārs Kūtris (ZZS) has been unofficially mentioned as one of the names among the possible candidates for the position of the Speaker of the Saeima, taking into account his experience as the chairperson of the Constitutional Court. At the same time, it is not yet known for certain whether such an agreement would be reached politically and whether the deputy himself would agree to occupy this position if he received a relevant offer.

The two most visible ZZS leaders in the Saeima, faction chairman Viktoras Valaini and Saeima secretary in the Presidium of the Parliament Armandas Krauzi, in political circles, at least at the moment, are in no hurry to include possible candidates for the highest position in the Saeima. Instead, the two of them, together with MP Uldi Auguli, who already has experience in positions in the government, are mentioned as three possible applicants for the position of Minister of Agriculture. The possible favorite candidate for the post of Minister of Agriculture could be Krauze.

It is also assumed that the “Progressives” might want more adequate representation in the government than could be offered at the moment when the “division of positions” is reached. In such a context, part of the “just solutions” would see either a slightly higher number of posts or more appropriate posts. This is especially relevant in the current situation, in which together with the “New Unity” (JV) the “Progressives” will have to share positions in the field of security, for which, according to the common understanding of the partners, representatives of the ZZS will not apply.

This could mean that the two forces would have to agree on who would hold the position of foreign minister and who would hold the position of defense minister. It is assumed that both JV and “Progressivie” would like to occupy the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs. It has already been said that the current Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš (JV) might be interested in becoming the Minister of Foreign Affairs. As is known, the current chairman of the European Affairs Commission of the Saeima, Andris Spruds (P), was the “Progressive” defense minister’s candidate for the 14th Saeima elections.

If the “Progressives” were to be offered the position of Minister of Transport, the possibility of appointing “Progressive” Saeima faction chairman Kaspars Briškenas, who has experience in the field of traffic, including, at one time, in connection with the progress of the “Rail Baltica” project, is not ruled out.

They allowed the possibility that several JV ministers could retain their positions in the new government, including Finance Minister Arvils Asheradens (JV), Justice Minister Inese Lībiņa-Egnere (JV) and Education and Science Minister Anda Čakša (JV). At the same time, no decisions have been made about it.

In the event that ZZS’s past performance in the field of welfare is taken into account, the possibility that the “Progressives” could be offered responsibility for the Ministry of Health is not excluded.

Regarding the Ministry of the Interior, there is a guess that it could rather come under the supervision of JV.

However, no decision regarding the distribution of areas of responsibility has been taken yet.

As LETA already announced, on Monday the emerging coalition formed by JV, ZZS and “Progresīvo” under the leadership of Prime Minister candidate Evikas Siliņa (JV) started working on the creation of the new government’s declaration.

The representatives of the new coalition have also started working on the coalition agreement and the annex on the urgent works to be completed by December and January.

The future coalition has 52 votes.

As reported, on Friday, along with AS’s announcement of not joining, in their opinion, the “Lemberg government”, it became clear that the government will continue to be formed by three political forces – JV, ZZS and “Progressivie”.

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