In LatviaYesterday, 19:51Video The State Security Service evaluates the company "Softtech" possible involvement in providing support to Russia

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The State Security Service (VDD) is evaluating the possible involvement of the Latvian company SIA “Softteh” in providing support to Russia, reports Latvian Radio’s “Open Files” program.

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The State Security Service (VDD) is evaluating the possible involvement of the Latvian company SIA “Softteh” in providing support to Russia, reports Latvian Radio’s “Open Files” program.

Latvijā strādā uzņēmums, kas lepojas ar piegādēm Krievijas militārajam sektoram | Atvērtie failiLatvijā strādā uzņēmums, kas lepojas ar piegādēm Krievijas militārajam sektoram | Atvērtie faili

The VDD is said to have paid attention to the information distributed by the Ukrainian state authorities about the possible support of the Spain-based company “Gavary Group” to the army of the aggressor country Russia.

Therefore, VDD, according to its competence, evaluates the company “Softteh” registered in Latvia, related to the company “Gavary Group”.

Latvijas Radio reports that the origins of the “Gavary” group of companies can be traced back to 2012 in Russia. There is a production plant in the village of Obukhova, Moscow region, where various things are made from polymers – from tourist mattresses, shoes and their warm insoles, to modern sound and heat insulation materials, which are also used in the complex technology industry.

The founder of the company is Hovhannes Kamaryan, a Russian businessman of Armenian origin, who was shot dead in the center of Moscow.

Until his death, the businessman had transferred most of the company to his sons – Rem and Jack. They have the double surname Kamaryan-Dadoyan. The second part of the surname is from the mother. The father has provided his sons and his wife with the opportunity to live in Spain. They have become citizens of this country and now run their business from Barcelona.

In Spain, the company “Gavary Group” deals mainly with the sale of colored car mats made of ethylene vinyl acetate, abbreviated EVA. However, on the website designed for a European audience, the company also advertises its capabilities in the production of heat, sound and vibration insulating polymers for construction, manufacturing and railways.

In the Russian language version of the website, you can find information that the company also operates in Riga. On the main page, the company is proud of its cooperation partners. About 30 company logos are placed there. The company “Gavary” also cooperates with “Russian Railways” and the Moscow Metro.

Latvijas Radio has a screenshot from February 12 of this year, in which the “Kalashnikov concern” logo can also be found among the brands. This company has been on the sanctions lists of the European Union and the United States since 2014. The basis of the sanctions – the “Kalashnikov” concern produces weapons and ammunition used in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

As of April 8 of last year, the sanctions became tougher and any cooperation with the “Kalashnikov concern” is prohibited.

“Gavary” is also a cooperation partner of three other Russian military industry companies: “KPP Klass”, which develops armor, “Faradej”, which produces shoes and clothes for military personnel and internal affairs services, and “ODK UMPO”, which specializes in the production of aircraft engines .

Browsing the historical versions of the “Gavary” website, information can also be found that the cooperation partner was the Russian army, reports “Latvijas Radio”.

Although on the website of the company “Gavary” in Russian, it is noted on the map that the company is also represented in Riga, no company with that name is registered in Latvia. There are also no entrepreneurs with the double surname Kamaryans-Dadoyans. The company “Softteh” is registered under Dadojana’s surname, which is registered in the village of Almāle, where an abandoned shop is located.

Its owner since last March is Gayane Dadoyan-Kaifachyan. She is the mother of Rem and Jack, the two owners of the “Gavary” concern.

On the other hand, the company “Softteh” has a registered warehouse in the property of “Ataugu” of Koknese parish. Latvijas Radio did not meet the representatives of the “Softteh” company there either. However, four other companies are registered here, at the same address as the “Softteh” warehouse. Three of them are wood processing companies. One of the companies is owned by a person with an Armenian name. According to the security guard, it is the owner of the territory.

Latvijas Radio found out from him that the real owners of the company are Kamarjani-Dadojani. He promised to contact them. However, businessman Haik Zakoyan called the journalists back. He said that the current owners of “Softteh” are Spanish citizens. They are trying to move their business inherited from their father out of Russia. Their father started doing this even before the war and the pandemic.

They did not donate anything to the Russian army. It is a lie. On the contrary, Kamarjani-Dadojani allegedly donated to Ukraine through him, Haik. There is also a misunderstanding on the website boasting about cooperation with the Russian army and military industry.

In Latvia, the main institution coordinating sanctions policy is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Deputy State Secretary and Political Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Andžejs Viļumsons told Latvian Radio that it is not known about “Gavary” that any member of the European Union proposed to include it in sanctions.


if the publicly available information about the Russian companies of the “Gavary” group is true, then this company is said to be at a high risk of being subject to sanctions.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is assisted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in obtaining information about possible connections inconsistent with state policy, which is said to have drawn attention to this case.

Since the beginning of the war, the VDD has initiated 10 criminal cases on suspicion of violating sanctions. The criminal proceedings are for alleged violations of sanctions imposed on both Russia and Belarus in connection with actions that undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. Three of the criminal proceedings have been transferred to the prosecutor’s office for prosecution.

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