In China, the EU leader spoke about economic separation from China

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“It is in our interest to find common ground to redress the imbalance in our economic and trade relations,” Borrell told students at the prestigious Peking University. However, he added that “otherwise, de-risking may accelerate much more as public opinion will put further pressure on political leaders to disengage from China.”

“My question to China is how can we make this interdependence conflict-free,” Borrell said, referring to economic ties, adding that the EU and China must work together more than ever.

China’s state-run Global Times newspaper said in an editorial Thursday that the visit “offers a significant opportunity for honest communication,” but urged the EU to maintain its strategic autonomy from the United States. According to the head of EU diplomacy, the aim of his three-day visit to China is to convince Beijing that the EU does not want to separate from China, but wants to reduce critical dependencies and achieve a more balanced relationship.

Borrell’s visit took place in the same week when it was revealed that in addition to the Chinese state support for the export of electric cars, the EU is also investigating other areas: the Commission is already examining whether to start a subsidy procedure in the steel industry.

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