“I’ll be back in Poland on 28”

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The well-known Hollywood star Sean Penn, guest of Fabio Fazio, devoted a long reflection to the war that broke out in Ukraine.

“It is not possible that all this is happening in Ukraine”, these were the words that the well-known actor Sean Penn spent during his long reflection on Che tempo fa. The Hollywood star, who intervened in connection, touched on different aspects of the conflict of the war in Ukraine starting from his recent trip to those areas where he had gone to shoot a documentary.

Precisely in this regard, he announced that he will soon make a new trip: “I will return to Poland on the 28th, perhaps also to Ukraine, to try to lend a hand, even with basic aid, hygiene kits, also working with local civil society organizations”.

Sean Penn: “I worry a lot about Zelensky and Ukraine”

The actor expressed great esteem for the President of Ukraine Zelensky:I met with President Zelensky both a day before the invasion and on the day of the invasion ”.

He then added: “This courage, dignity […] And also how it united the country. It was an incredible moment. I am infinitely impressed by his personality and I care a lot for him and for Ukraine ”.

“They are a people of fighters”

Sean Penn’s thoughts finally turned to those who were forced to leave their livestheir homes in Ukraine: “I was impressed, I don’t know if people were leaving the country with the desire and the hope of returning, but no one wanted to leave their homes, their lives and especially their country.

The women and children were all together, the fathers and sons remained to fight. They are a people of fighters “.

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