I have. Mobile for non-EU countries: new fixed-cost rate for internet and calls

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I have.  Mobile for non-EU countries: new fixed-cost rate for internet and calls

Anthony Ionta

Antonio Ionta of 05 July 2023, 10:42

“We are constantly improving our app. With this release we introduce a new offer for your holidays abroad!”. With this phrase, which appeared in the official app of the operator, I have. Mobile announces its new solution designed for those planning a trip this summer outside the European borders: I have. Globetrotter. The option is additional and gives the possibility, with a fixed daily costto make phone calls, send text messages and take advantage of the internet connection.

The offer in detail

The offer is available for a fixed period starting from 30 June 2023 until as of August 9, 2023after which the option will cease automaticallyat no additional cost to the user. A certain daily amount of minutes, SMS and network traffic are included, which vary according to the country of use and it is possible to check the different usage options through the application.

For the activation from the app (possible even while still in Italy) just go to the section “Abroad”, open the page dedicated to the offer via the banner, then “Find out the costs by country” and conclude by clicking on “Activate on first use” after selecting the country concerned.

The confirmation SMS will inform us about the success of the procedure.

There real activation of the offer will in any case be triggered at the first connection, at the first SMS or at the first phone call made abroad (with consequent payment therefore Alone in case then say actual use) and will be valid until 00:00 (jet lag Italian) of the same day. Subsequently the option will continue to always renew itself according to the same procedurecounting the day to go from 00:00 Italian. The cost fixed daily will be 3 or 6 euros according to the country.

Overcome the usage thresholds foreseen by the offer will come consumption rates apply expected from the same place (as if you were in the same country but without having activated ho. Globetrotter).

Deactivation of the offer is possible at any time via application by accessing the Foreign section in the area dedicated to your offer. After deactivation, it will be possible to continue using minutes, SMS and network traffic until 24:00 in the Italian time zone.

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