Hungary, Serbia and North Macedonia unite against the Bulgarian gas market move

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The minister reminded that an infringement process was initiated in the case at the European Commission, and an settlement was reached that the Hungarian and Serbian governments will coordinate all their steps on this matter.

North Macedonia can be on board, as cooperation and coordination with them can be shut

he added.

Hungary, Serbia and North Macedonia have a long-term Russian gas contract by means of the Turkish Stream, which is why it’s most necessary for these nations to have uninterrupted deliveries.

For weeks, we have now been repeatedly reporting on the Bulgarian gas market resolution, which might actually considerably have an effect on the Hungarian provide. Most lately, the Commission established that the EUR 10.2 power contribution launched by Bulgaria for Russian gas isn’t a part of the EU anti-Russian sanctions, however an unbiased member state step, the European Commission took be aware of that, so Bulgaria can do what it desires with the incoming cash . It was additionally introduced by the Commission at the time that, as a result of the Bulgarian move, shut negotiations had begun with the authorities of the European Commission and Gazprom’s affected clients, similar to Hungary, Serbia and North Macedonia, on the evaluation of the results.

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