Hungarians would prefer to donate by card, but in many places this is not yet possible

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The press conference was opened by Bence Sármay, Visa’s regional manager responsible for Hungary, and presented the results of Visa’s representative research of 1,000 people:

  • Electronic payment traffic is growing dynamically, the number of card payments increases by 13% annually. This also shows that paying by card is safe, fast and convenient.
  • The Hungarians 76% usually donate, almost a third of them once every six months, 17% once a month. More than half of the donors donate an amount of less than HUF 5,000, and 32% support organizations with an amount between HUF 5,000 and HUF 10,000.
  • The majority typically chooses a transfer as the method of donation, but 10 out of 7 people would prefer to donate by card. According to the results of the research, the reason for this is comfort and speed.

The three institutions jointly launch a donation campaign, in the framework of which donations can be made to the National Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing via terminals. The company has set up points in various parts of the country where hearing impaired people can be supported by touching a card. These points are located at the following locations:

  • House of Hungarian Music,
  • Aquarium,
  • Westend Eiffel Square entrance,
  • Arena Mall,
  • mammoth,
  • MOM Park,
  • Arcade Budapest,
  • Etele Plaza,
  • Corvin Plaza,
  • Duna Plaza,
  • Árkád Győr,
  • Arkád Szeged,
  • Malom Center, Kecskemét,
  • Szinvapark, Miskolc.

Ádám Kósa, SINOSZ board member and member of the European Parliament, said that SINOSZ undertook the cooperation in addition to the donation in order to draw society’s attention to the hearing-impaired society, which makes up approximately 10% of the Hungarian population.

According to Gábor Fodor, the founder of Change Hungary, payment by bank card is the most effective way of donating. Three amounts are set on the payment terminals that have just been set up, but you can also support SINOSZ with other amounts, the donation will appear on the organization’s bank account within a day.

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