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How to Send Auto Message with Instagram Quick Reply Feature?

If you frequently write repetitive messages on the Instagram business profile, you can make dm work easier by using quick replies and automatic ready messages.

Use Your Quick Replies in a Direct Message

Once you’ve set up your quick replies, there are two ways to access them and add them to your message thread.

The first way is to tap the Quick Reply (three-dot chat bubble) icon in the Message field. When the list of saved quick replies pops up, select a quick reply to add it to the thread.

Once inserted into your message, you can edit the text as needed or simply tap Send to send the quick reply.

The second way to use a quick reply is to tap in the message field and type the shortcut key for the quick reply. When the blue Quick Reply icon appears, tap the icon to automatically insert the text associated with that shortcut. You can then edit the text as needed or hit Send to send the message.

Pro Tip: When you add a quick reply to a message, personalize the message by including a greeting and addressing that person by name. You might also edit the response to specifically address the question, topic, or industry of the person who messaged you. The key is to remember that quick replies are meant to facilitate quality responses, not replace them with automated content.

If you frequently use the same or similar responses to the messages (DM) that come to your account in your Instagram business profile, you can send ready-made automatic messages to followers or send private messages without the need for an additional program with the Instagram quick replies feature.

How to reply to a specific message in instagram

To activate Instagram‘s fast and canned replies and automatic messages feature, you first need to log into Instagram on your mobile phone. Then step by step:

  1. Go to the Profile> Business> Canned Answers page.
  2. Click on the + button at the top right.
  3. In the shortcut field, enter a name for your automatic instant message. For example, “welcome” or “site promotion”.
  4. In the message field, enter the automatic message text you will use in quick replies and save it.
  5. By pressing the plus button again, you can define multiple quick responses.

How to Send an Auto Message with Instagram Quick Replies?

  1. First, open the message from your Instagram account.
  2. In response to the incoming message, write the name you defined in the quick replies.
  3. Instagram will suggest you add a quick reply. Click add quick answer.

Insagram Canned Response Deletion and Update

To delete or update automatic canned responses you have created, go to the Profile> Business> Canned Answers page. You can change, update or delete it by clicking the quick response you recorded earlier.

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