How to read books with apps

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How to read books with apps

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you are reading enthusiasts Are you always looking for new works to devote hours of your time to and immerse yourself in? You also like it discover new authors and keep you updated on the latest releases and news signed by your favorite writers? In short, if books are your passion then you probably know that you can too read digitally. Technology has also arrived in the world of books with the arrival of ebook reader. In addition to these useful tools, you may be looking for information on how to read books with apps. In this case we have to tell you that you are in the right place, as we are about to recommend some to try.

Take some time to read the following paragraphs, which we have written especially for you. In this guide we will explain how to do it and we will tell you about various applications that will come in handy and that we recommend you try right away.

Maybe download them while we talk about them, in this way you will immediately be able to understand which one you prefer and which one is more for you. With these app you will have many new books available and you will always be able to have many stories to read. You are wondering, even if it is possible download ebooks and read them when you prefer? The answer is yes. You can do it with the apps we are about to suggest. Furthermore, there is the possibility of get books for free, or by subscribing to a paid subscription, according to your preferences. What do you think, are you ready to start?


Kobo Books
Amazon Kindles
FB Reader
Google Play Books


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Let’s start with the first application – it’s called Wattpad and is available for both Android and iOS devices, so you can search, download and install it from both play store that fromApp Storedepending on the device you have.

The app in question is free, so you can try it without having to spend anything or sign up for any subscription. With Wattpad you have the ability to read the works of authors not yet knownwho still don’t have publications with publishing houses, nor really well-known self-publications. Wattpad is available in all countries, so you will also find foreign titles. It was designed as a platform for fanfiction, but it has evolved rapidly to host other types of writings that have achieved great success and were then published and sold in bookstores. Once downloaded you can start the application and choose whether register a account entering the requested data, or using your Facebook or Google account. From the Home you can search among the various works present and as soon as you find a title that intrigues you, you can click on Laws to immerse yourself in history. If you are looking for some book in particular, you can use the search with a tap on themagnifying glass icon which you will find at the top of the screen.

Maybe you want to create a list to add titles that you will then read calmly, as soon as free. Here, in this case, you can select the key + and then press on Reading listor click on Library to start creating a private library on the app. To access the books and immerse yourself in their reading, you can do so on the icon with the book that you will see below. Simple, right? The app has a simple and intuitive interface, ideal for all users who love to read.

Kobo Books

The second option that we present to you is called Kobo Books. This is also available for both Android and iOS devices, so you can search, download and install it from both play store that fromApp Store, depending on the device you have. This app references thehomonymous digital store for the sale of books and the download is free. With Kobo Books you can access the titles on the site, some of which are paid, while others are available for free.

After installing it, launch the app and proceed with the creating a profile, or by logging in with your Facebook or Google account. Here you can now proceed to look for free books. Want to know how? Click on theicon with the three lines arranged horizontally and select the option Free eBooks. If you are looking for a specific title, you can use the search function with theicon depicting a magnifying glass, located at the top right of the screen. Have you found a book that interests you? So then you just have to press on the cover and then select the item Add to mine books/Free. These will then be saved in the section My Books/eBooks app. In this way you will be able to save more books and keep them aside in what will become a sort of personal library accessible free of charge at any time and always carry them with you, within reach of your smartphone.

Amazon Kindles

The next application we suggest you try is Amazon Kindles. It is the most used app for reading books in digital format. It is available for both Android and iOS smartphones, so you can download it directly from play store or fromApp Store, depending on the device you own. If you don’t have the Kindles and you prefer to read through your smartphone, or even on this device, then you can try this application for download books from the digital store. The app may include costs: we are talking about thesubscription to Kindle Unlimited service, with which registered users can read the books in the catalog which includes over 20,000 titles. The cost is 9.99 euros per month. Not only that, through this application you can also have the contents of ad subscribers Amazon Primewhich includes the service Early Readingsdedicated to reading. If you have not subscribed to either of the two subscriptions, nor do you intend to, you can take advantage of the free books present on Kindle Store.

After downloading the app, click on its icon to launch it. Continue with the login using your credentials that you chose during registration, or create a profile if you don’t have one yet. From the main screen of the app you can tap on You discover, which you will see at the bottom of the screen, to search through the various categories of titles in the catalogue. What if you already have a book in mind that you want to read? In this case, then, you can click on the search box above. Type the name and press the key Enter. As soon as you have found it, you just have to click on the cover and then select the item Read now. This will start the download of the selected title, which you will find at any time in the section Bookshelfreachable via the button at the bottom of the screen.


The next app we tell you about is called Audible and you can download it directly from play store or fromApp Storedepending on the device you own, as it is available for both Android and iOS.

What is it about? Again it refers to a Amazon paid service. This time, however, it consists of a extensive catalog of podcasts, audiobooks and Audible Originals. Not only that, there are also written titles at your disposal. The subscription to the service costs 9.99 euros per month. The catalog collects more than 50,000 titles and 200,000 hours of content to listen to. An Amazon account will be required to use this application. Once Audible is installed, click on its icon to launch it. Here you will see the button Log in and this is where you will need to enter your account credentials on the e-commerce platform. Want to find an audiobook? You can search the catalog available to users, evaluating the titles from the Featured section. Or, if you prefer a literary genre, you can click Categories and proceed with your search. Start with a tap on the section Explorewhere you can search for a title of your interest.

Type the name directly, if you want a specific content, or the name of an author. As soon as it appears you can proceed by clicking on Add to Libraryto always have it available to listen to.

FB Reader

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Did you already know the apps we told you about in the previous paragraphs? Or do you simply prefer to have another alternative? Here we are about to please you. The next option is called FB Reader. Also in this case it is a product available for both Android and iOS smartphones, so you can download it directly from play store or fromApp Store, depending on the device you have. It is a free app which, however, unlike the previous ones, does not have its own catalog available to users. FBReader is a reader for ebooks, therefore a tool for opening the files you download. The app also features a paid versionwith which you can use some extra functions.

Therefore, if you are just looking for a reader to open downloaded files and read books app, we advise you to try it.

Google Play Books

The next app we recommend you try is called Google Play Books and is available both for users who have an Android mobile device and for those who own an iOS. You can then search for it, download it and install it directly from play store or fromApp Store, depending on the type of smartphone. It is one of the most used applications by those who read the ebooks. Here you will find a broad book cataloguebelonging to many literary genres. Many are paid, but if you are looking for some free titles you will also find them on this app. Are you wondering how? You will only have to write the word free in the search bar to press the key Enter of the keyboard. Among the results of your search you will see all the titles that you can access without spending anything.

Google Play Books will allow you to have anfree preview of the worksOf read in offline modetherefore without being connected to a network, take notes and write notes, adjust the brightness and color of the background in order to read better at night without tiring your eyes.

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