How to get verified on instagram (Blue Tiger Account Verification)

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Before explaining how to verify your Instagram accounts, let’s talk about what is this verified. When an Instagram account is verified; Instagram puts a white check mark in blue next to the name of the account, regardless of whether it is a personal account or a business account. Although this sign means that Instagram respects your account in a way, it also allows the problem to be solved much faster in case of a possible account theft or content copy.

Instagram Blue Tiger Account Verification

Normally, when you use the story feature, you must have at least 10,000 followers to be able to add links to them, but verified accounts do not have such a limit. Therefore, verifying an account helps you easily have some features that you cannot access. At the same time, when searching by account name, you go up at the top, so you gain advantage by appearing ahead of other accounts with similar names.

How to get verified on instagram

How To Get Verified On InstagramHow To Get Verified On Instagram

o verify your Instagram account, first enter your Instagram profile and press the menu button.

Then press the “Settings” button at the bottom.

You need to click the “Request Verification” button from the menu that appears.

Instagram Blue Tiger Account Verification
Instagram Blue Tiger Account Verification

A form will appear. In this form you need to enter your correct name and surname and choose a category for the account. You then upload a copy of your photo ID as a document. This document can be your identity card, driver’s license, passport, etc.

Unfortunately, sending a verification request isn’t enough to verify your Instagram account. According to the statement of Instagram, the account must first be “Original”. What we mean by this is that the profile reflects a real brand or person. Second, they want it to be “Unique”. If you have posted too much content that is not yours, your request may be rejected due to “copied content”.


Instagram also wants you to have a “Full Profile“. First of all, the account must be “public”, that is, everyone should be able to view it. Have you filled in all the required fields in the account? If you haven’t, make sure you complete your profile before submitting the form.

Finally, the platform’s expectation from you is that you have a “Remarkable” account. Although remarkable is a somewhat subjective requirement, it is not difficult to predict that accounts that are mostly composed of selfies will not be accepted, or that it is not “noteworthy” to constantly share photos of the same content taken from different angles.

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