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FB Downloader is a fast and free way to download and save Facebook videos as MP4’s. Start by putting the Facebook video URL in the box below and click Go.

Facebook video download

What is FB Downloader?

Facebook downloader is a website that was created for saving your videos off Facebook using an easy to use online web interface. Our FB downloader allows you to save any public Facebook video in high-quality or standard-quality MP4 format. Our website also enables you to convert Facebook videos to MP3 audio files.

What devices are compatible?

FBDownloader supports downloads from Facebook regardless of what device or operating system you may be using. Content downloading is available on iPhones, Android phones, tables, PCs, and Macs.

How To Free Facebook Video Download

How to Download

Free online Facebook video downloader

RockedBuzz is one of the best tools available online for convert videos from Facebook to mp4 (video) or mp3 (audio) files and download them for free – this service works for computers, tablets and mobile devices.

All you need to do is to enter the URL in the text box provided and use the button labeled “Download” to download the video in the available format.

The usage of our website is free and does not require any software or registration.

Have fun and enjoy the use of our website. Downloader Link Here

How to use Facebook downloader?

How do I use Facebook Video Downloader Chrome Extension?

  • First, add Getfvid (Facebook Video Downloader) extension to your browser
  • Then, you can go to the specific page on Facebook that contains the video file you want.
  • When you get to the page, you will see a green “Download” (HD or SD) button. You’ll need to click it. You’ll be automatically taken back to the download page where you can save the video.

How do I download private videos from Facebook?

If you want to download private videos from Facebook, you can do that with a private video downloader such as Usually, only those who are able to see the video’s code can download it. Using this tool allows you to capture the video and it still allow it to remain private. Of course, you should still always respect the copyrights of the videos you are downloading.

Where are Facebook videos saved after being downloaded?

When you’re downloading files, they are usually saved into whatever folder you have set as your default. Your browser normally sets this folder for you. In browser settings you can change and choose manually the destination folder for your downloded facebook videos.

Can I download Live Facebook videos?

Once streaming is done, you can easily save live FB videos to your device using Getfvid Facebook video Downloader chrome extension.

Does Getfvid store downloaded videos or keep a copy of videos?

Getfvid doesn’t store videos. Neither do we keep copies of downloaded videos. All videos are hosted on Facebook’s servers. Also, we don’t keep track of the download histories of our users, thus making using Getfvid totally anonymous.

How to Download Facebook Videos

Did you ever want to download a video from your Facebook feed? Did you see a video on your Facebook feed and are wondering if you can download it to your hard drive? Wish to download videos from Facebook Feed in MP4 format? If yes, GetfVid is the perfect solution.

Downloading Facebook videos online has never been so easy. No software or installation is required and you can easily download the video you like from the web browser. Thanks to GetfVid, anyone with an active internet connection can download the videos from Facebook within a few seconds. GetfVid is free to use and no registration is required.

You can just follow the below-mentioned steps to easily download Facebook videos online, for free.


Play the video, then Right Click -> Show video URL. See screenshot below.

How to Download Facebook Videos


Visit Here and paste the URL of the text box provided.
This process would take a few seconds. This is the time you should not refresh or re-load the page.

How to Download Facebook Videos


Click on “Download normal quality video” or “Download HD video” (if available) to start downloading the video.

How to Download Facebook Videos

If you get an error, then check if the video is public and not private . Or check our Video Downloader Extension for Chrome.

Video Downloader for Facebook

Probably the best facebook video downloader that can download HD videos from Facebook. If you are looking for an app that can quickly download video from facebook, this FB HD video downloader may be your best choice.

Video downloader for Facebook (fb Video Downloader) is a super fast downloader, completely free, supports downloading videos through link and built-in browser.

Simple operation can help you download videos and repost videos. And can guarantee your safety to the greatest extent.

We offer two ways to download videos: download via link and download via built-in browser.

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Download via link:

  • 1. Open the facebook application;
  • 2. Find the video you like and click the copy link (there is a picture tutorial in our application, the operation is very simple);
  • 3. Then open our app(video downloader for facebook) and it will help you download video automatically.

We recommend using the download video by link, it is a more convenient, fast and safe way to download.
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Assuming this scenario, you encountered a favorite video while using Facebook.

If you want to download it, you must first bookmark it or remember its location, and then log in to this link in the built-in browser. And find them again so that you can download video.

However, if you use our application(Video Saver for Facebook), you only need to copy link when you encounter a favorite video and then open our application(Video Down for Facebook) to help you download the video.

It’s easy. In one step, you can start downloading your favorite videos.

Download via built-in browser:

  • 1. Open Video down for facebook
  • 2. Use the built-in browser to log in to the official Facebook website and play your favorite video
  • 3. Click the download button and our app will help you download the video to your phone

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  • Our application has the following functions:
  • Download and forward HD videos from Facebook for free, as long as it is your favorite video, we can help you download for free
  • Use Thunder 3 download acceleration engine, use multi-threading technology, increase download speed by 80%, may be the fastest video downloader
  • You can download multiple videos simultaneously and play them offline after downloading
  •  We have a very professional download manager that supports pausing, resuming and deleting downloads
  • Our downloader supports resume resume function
  • You can use the share and forward functions to share downloaded videos to friends
  • We can download HD videos
  •  We have a professional built-in video player that can play videos offline when you need them
  •  An mp4 video downloader, in most cases we can download MP4 videos on web pages

We support two ways to download videos from fb. Most Video downloaders only support one. We want to help users download videos as much as possible.

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We suggest downloading the video directly through the video link, which will help you download the video more conveniently in most cases.

Of course, sometimes you can not download from the copy link. In this case, there are generally two reasons:

First, you need to log in to Facebook in our built-in browser, because this video may be set to be visible only to friends. So we need you to login in our built-in browser so we can download the video for you. Millions of users have downloaded videos through our app, why not try it?

Second, the facebook website restricts downloading by address. In this case, you can download the video through our built-in browser. Open our app, then log in to the official facebook website, find your favorite video and play it. We can find the video and download it for you.


  • This application is not affiliated with Facebook’s official network and has nothing to do with Facebook.
  • Do not download or repost videos under any unauthorized behavior or violation of intellectual behavior.

If you need help, please send an email to [email protected]

Thank you for choosing us.

Facebook Video Downloader Here Download

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