How to download Facebook videos from your mobile

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Facebook has been on the heels of YouTube for a long time when it comes to audiovisual content. And it is that we want to or not, we must admit it, it is impossible to walk through our timeline of the social network without ending up playing a video of recipes or one of kittens. Surely on more than one occasion you liked one of those videos so much that you wanted to be able to download it to your phone to be able to play it offline or simply, it was the collector’s desire that asked you to have it in the photo library. Do not worry, you’re not the only one.

Unfortunately, downloading videos from Facebook on our phone is not something that can be done automatically from the application, but with a couple of simple tricks it can be done without problem. Let’s see what you should do in each case depending on your operating system.

How to Download Facebook Videos on Android Devices Without any App Software Directly in the GalleryHow to Download Facebook Videos on Android Devices Without any App Software Directly in the Gallery

Download on Android

In order to download any video from Facebook on an Android terminal, the procedure to follow is as follows: first, we have to download the free tool “Video Downloader for Facebook” that is available on Google Play. This application allows us to download both our videos and videos from other users or pages. In order to start using it, just log in with our credentials.

Once we are inside the application with our Facebook session open, all we have to do is search for the video that interests us within the different sections it offers, select it and download it, it’s that simple.

We can also download videos on our iPhone

Despite the fact that in iOS we usually find ourselves with more restrictions when executing this type of action, downloading videos from Facebook on an iPhone is also a relatively simple matter. In this case we will have to downloads the free application “Documents 5” from the App Store . Once we have the application downloaded on our iPhone, we will go to the browser option that is inside the main menu of the same and we will write in the search bar “” .

The next step is to open the Facebook application and choose which video we want to save. Once we have it clear, we will select the option “copy link” within the “share” menu. Now all we have to do is go back to the app and in the search bar that we leave open, paste the link. The download option will automatically appear, we select the quality and the video will be saved – be careful – in the application’s download folder.

How do I put the video on my reel?

The idea of ​​all this is to be able to save the video on our reel to be able to see it directly or share it, right? Well don’t panic, there is a very simple solution. If we access the download folder of the application we will find all the videos that we have downloaded, we select the one we want to take to our reel and click the edit option. Among the options that we find available we have to send it by mail and that is where the solution is. We select this option and we send it to ourselves. Once we have received the email with the video, all we have to do is download it et voilá! We already have it on our device to do whatever we want with it.


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