How to Delete iCloud Account?

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iCloud; It is a cloud system where all data such as files, videos and photos are stored on Apple devices. It can be used for storage by logging in with an iClud account. People who will not use an Apple device can delete it in a few steps, which we will explain below. However, after performing these steps, it will be impossible to regain access to your account. After deletion, both your account and the data contained in it will be permanently deleted.

How to Delete Apple ID?

Apple ID For deletion operations, the devices associated with the account must first be removed. You log in with your Apple ID via the address “”.

After entering the “Manage Your Apple ID” page, click on the “Devices” heading. By clicking on the Apple devices one by one under the “Devices” heading and clicking the “Delete Your Device” button, the devices connected to the Apple ID are eliminated.

After the issues mentioned above Delete Apple ID The following steps should be followed for the process:

  • First, the Apple “Data and Privacy” portal should be opened at,
  • Apple ID and password must be used to log in,
  • If the user wishes, they can also enter a two-factor authentication code.
  • Click on the “Get Started” button located under “Delete Your Account”,
  • All information regarding account deletion should be reviewed,
  • Select why the account will be deleted and click on the “Continue” button,
  • You can review the “Deletion Terms and Conditions” and confirm them by checking the box.
  • By clicking the “Continue” button, make a note of the access code somewhere where you will not lose it. Because when contacting Apple Support, the identity is verified with the code.
  • In the last step, the Apple ID is deleted by clicking on the “Delete Account” option.

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What Data Does Apple ID Prevent Access to When Deleted?

When the Apple ID is deleted, it becomes impossible to access some data. We can list this data as follows;

  • Messages coming to the account,
  • App Store, iTunes And iBooks purchased with,
  • Documents, photos, documents and videos stored in iCloud account,

After the Apple ID is deleted, access to Messenger, App Store, Facetime, iBooks and App Play applications is directly blocked.

How to Delete iCloud Account?

iCloud account deletion You can follow these steps for the process:

  • Log in to your iCloud account.
  • After clicking the “Manage Your Account” button, click on the “Data and Privacy” section on the Apple ID page.
  • Click on “Manage Privacy” and then click on “Delete Account”.
  • After clicking the “Delete Account” button, the iCloud account will be permanently deleted.

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