How to Delete Happn Account? Permanent Account Deletion

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Happn account deletion process is one of the topics that application users are most curious about. Users want to close their accounts on the Paris-based dating application Happn for various reasons. Happn account deletion 2022 After completing the process, all data will be deleted. This deleted data includes chats, contacts and crushes. Happn application, which enables people who have not known each other before to meet each other; It is used on Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices. Deleting an account on Happn is done in simple steps. At work, Happn account deletion details!

How to Delete Happn Permanent Account?

Happn permanent account deletion For this process, the application must first be contacted. To permanently delete the account, simply clicking on the “Deactivate Happn account” option is not enough. In this option, only the account is frozen. Therefore, the account still remains on the Happn application. To delete the account in the Happn application, these steps should be followed;

  • The application must first be opened on smart devices.
  • Click on the “My Account” button and proceed to the next step.
  • Click on the “Help” button at the bottom of the My Account section.
  • Select the “Contact Us” section on the window that will open.
  • “Account Management” must be selected.
  • The reason is determined after selecting Account Management.
  • It is sent after the reason is determined.

Following the above steps, the account that you want to close permanently will reach the Happn application. Happn permanent account deletion The process takes place without any problems. After the account is closed, the user receives a confirmation e-mail.



Happn is a dating application that you can use on your Android devices.


How to Delete Happn Account?

Happn account deletion For operations, the application must first be opened. After opening the Happn application, the steps listed below must be followed;

  • Click on the bar icon to access the profile.
  • Access the “Application Settings” tab.
  • You need to find the “My Data” option and click on the button.
  • Click on the “Delete My Account” button.
  • The option “How About Suspending Your Account Instead” appears on the screen. That option should be clicked on.
  • A list will appear on the screen explaining why the account was suspended. From the list, the user must click on the option that suits him/her.
  • In the last window on the screen, the transaction is approved.

With the steps mentioned above Happn account suspension the process is completed. The suspended account in the Happn application can be logged in again within 30 days. Additionally, if you log in to Happn and click on the “Recover My Account” option, it will be reactivated.

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What are the Reasons for Closing Happn Account?

Happn account closure There are many reasons for this process. We can list these reasons as follows:

  • Requesting to open a new account,
  • Disliking Happn,
  • Happn has moved too far from its former purpose,
  • The user no longer intends to use the application,
  • User turning to other similar applications,
  • Doubt about the application regarding security,

For the reasons we have listed, users may want to close their accounts. In our article “How to delete Happn account? “Permanent account deletion” We talked about the subject. To learn about the most preferred dating applications “The Most Popular Dating and Chat Applications” You can read the article titled.

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