How to Change Font in Whatsapp?

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Messaging app used by billions WhatsAppa simple with font appears before us. Even if the application, which has many users, uses a simple font, the same number of users use different styles. WhatsApp fonts wants.

WhatsApp Lots of fun in the app fonts Almost no one knows that you can use it, even people who care about this issue, such as lovers, use it in different styles. Messaging applications that can be used instead of WhatsApp prefers.

Of course, this solution comes with the difficulty of not being able to communicate with other friends in your contact list or using two chat applications. Actually Changing WhatsApp font It is a pretty simple process. Bride, Change font in WhatsApp Let’s see how to do it.

whatsapp font degistirme

How to Change WhatsApp Font?

  • Open the settings on your device.
  • Tap the screen button.
  • On the page that opens; Select the menu called “Font and size”.
  • Press the option named Font style.
  • The font you want; Download it from the “Download fonts” option and install it on your device.
  • The transaction will be completed.

Thanks to the operations shown above, you can change the fonts on your phone and on WhatsApp you want font you will use it. If WhatsApp font If the size is not pleasing to your eyes, you can adjust the font size according to your desire in the font and size section. When you enter the download fonts option, you will see hundreds of fonts available in your device’s store.

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WhatsApp Font Changing Tips

  • Writing bold text on WhatsApp;
  • Writing in italics on WhatsApp;
  • Writing with strikethrough on WhatsApp;

1- Writing Bold Text on WhatsApp

whatsapp font degistirmekalin yazi yazmak

If you want to bold some parts of your sentences in WhatsApp to draw attention; *any word you want* You can do it as follows. All you have to do is enter the beginning and end of the word you want. “*” to put.

2- Writing Italics on WhatsApp

whatsapp font degistirme italik yazmak

from WhatsApp fonts bored and different font If you want to use it, you can try italic writing. Italicize on WhatsApp If you want; _the word you want_ You can do it as follows.

3- Writing Strikethrough Text on WhatsApp

whatsapp font degistirme ustu cizili yazi yazmak

If you want to strike out some words in WhatsApp, undoubtedly the most popular messaging application; ~any word you want~ putting icons WhatsApp font change You can complete the process successfully.

How to Completely Change WhatsApp Font? (Sending colored text on WhatsApp)

  • blue words Install the application on your device.
  • Open the app on your device.
  • Choose a font you like.
  • Send colorful text on WhatsApp Enter the message you want in the note section.
  • Copy the relevant text using the copy button above.
  • Sending messages in different fonts on WhatsApp You can paste the text you copied to the person you want.
  • The transaction will be completed.
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In this content, we learned how to change the font on WhatsApp. What do you do when changing WhatsApp font? Don’t forget to share your opinions with us in the comments section below. WhatsApp account stealing methods We recommend you to take a look at our article about.

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