How create a new Facebook Account without a cell phone number

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In this way you can create a new Facebook without a cell phone numbe It is something simple and this time we will do it directly from your mobile device. So keep it handy and connected to WiFi or the mobile data network.

Either because you do not want to give more personal data or you no longer have another phone, I will tell you how to create a new Facebook without a cell phone number.


Learn to create a new Facebook without a cell phone number

The first thing is to open a browser on your phone; either Chrome, Safari, Firefox or whatever you want. Now, in the address bar type and press Enter or Go. Press “create a new account”.


  • Enter all the data it asks for. But in the “phone number or email” section, put only one email account that you have not used for Facebook. At the end, click on “register”.
  • If you get this warning, press “open with Chrome” or the browser you are using.
  • In effect, it appears that you add a cell phone number. You just click on “next” and that’s it.

Code Fcebook

  • Add people you know, otherwise click “next”. You can also add a profile photo.
  • If you don’t want to do it for now, click on “next”.
  • Now it will ask you if you want to receive notifications. Hit “allow” if you want or just close the window. Done.

Facebook create singup

Your Facebook account is already open, working and without having to put your cell phone.



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