Here is the new Paks II. announcement: the gap walling will start in July, then they will also start digging the pit under block 6

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The personal consultation in Budapest took place after Szijjártó agreed on Paks II in Moscow in April. on the updating of the contract system related to the project, the framework of which was approved by the European Commission the other day, so it is now possible to sign the new construction and financing contracts on the Hungarian and Russian sides.

In this regard, the minister is one in his post stated that

Finance Minister Mihály Varga signed the amendment to the financial contract on the Hungarian side last week, and the signature of the Russian Finance Minister is also expected this week.

Péter Szijjártó emphasized: “In this way, all obstacles will be removed from continuing the investment with less bureaucratic burden, faster, and fully complying with all nuclear safety rules.” Then one In a Facebook video emphasized that Paks II. in connection with the project

physical work will soon gain a new impetus,

since “the gap walling works will start at the beginning of July”, and “the soil extraction under the future block 6 will also start soon”.

Szijjártó emphasized that both Rosatom and the government are committed to ensuring that Paks II. of its two new blocks

it will have to be put into service at the very beginning of the next decade.

Thus, compared to the 2030 target date that was emphasized for years, the first years of the 2030 decade are already the less specific target date.

Source of cover image: Péter Szijjártó’s Facebook page

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