Here is another amazing idea: they would install a weapons factory in Ukraine

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Germany’s Rheinmetall also produces ammunition, other military equipment and tanks (including Leopard 2s).

A Rheinmetall plant capable of producing up to 400 Panthers per year can be set up in Ukraine with a budget of around 200 million

– said Papperger.

The CEO added that the negotiation is in a promising phase and the final decision may even be made in the next two months. In the interview, Papperger also explained that, in his opinion, Ukraine needs at least 600-800 new armored personnel carriers, so the production of Western tanks should be ramped up as soon as possible.

The KF51 Panther medium/general battle tank is the latest development of the German company, the prototype of which was presented by Rheinmetall last June. The main armament of the Panther will be a 130 millimeter tank gun, served by an automatic reloading system. The weapon system has been named “Future gun system” and according to Rheinmetall, it is capable of fighting any currently known armored combat vehicle.

Rheinmetall also has interests in Hungary, among others The German company is building a plant in Zalaegerszegwhose building and some operational modules of the facility were handed over in March of last year, and in addition, according to expectations, already next year, Ammunition production can start in Várpalota in 2024. Among other things, the Zalaegerszeg plant will manufacture KF41 Lynx infantry fighting vehicles, the production lines of which would be the first in the world to be built in Hungary.

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