Help to ease tensions around Taiwan may come from an unexpected place

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China held strategic discussions with Great Britain and France on security issues. According to the Chinese Ministry of Defense, the parties held discussions on the development of bilateral defense relations and regional security relations. The current talks may signal that Beijing is not treating the entire Western bloc as one, despite its growing hostility to Washington. The Ukrainian conflict significantly damaged the relations between the EU and China, and the current meeting was the first face-to-face meeting since the outbreak of the war. The Chinese Ministry of Defense did not say who took part in the European tour as part of the Chinese delegation.

During the discussions, the world’s two prominent conflict zones, the Russian-Ukrainian war and the tension around the South China Sea, were also discussed.

In the Eastern European conflict, the European states expect China to remain in a neutral position and not to support the Russians until For Beijing, the issue of the island of Taiwan is important; he wants to ensure that the European powers do not support the island’s government.

According to analysts, however, the tensions do not lead to a break in military relations, the defense dialogue has continued. There are no real conflicts of interest between the two regions, so there is no need to fear broken lines of communication despite the fact that European high-ranking officials often meet with Taiwanese delegations. These meetings are also extremely important because security dialogues between the United States and China have broken down.

The states of the European Union, on the other hand, can help to mediate in resolving the conflict between the two parties.

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