He explained why Israel ordered the evacuation of one million people

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About 1.1 million people living in the northern part of the zone, including the residents of Gaza City, have to flee to the south, in the direction of Egypt, within twenty-four hours, because the terrorists are hiding in the tunnels under the houses.

They called for the evacuation of the extremely densely populated Gázaváros, citing the safety of the population, because a Hamas terrorists hide in tunnels under civilian homes and civilian areas, where the Israeli army intends to carry out major operations in the coming days. Hamas called the call propaganda and instructed residents not to heed the call to evacuate.

We send Army messages through all channels and know how to reach them. There is still power to get these messages to everyone

Daniel Hagari said about the notification to the residents of Gaza. The Gazans were called to move to the southern side of the Vádi Gáza River in the zone. According to Hagari evacuation may take several days.

The UN protested the evacuation call, then the Palestine Refugee Agency (UNRWA) announced that it had moved its operations center and international staff to the southern part of the zone from the center.

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