Hargita county lost the Békás Gorge, the verdict is final

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The appeals court in Marosvásárhely made a judgment that definitively settled the issue of the administrative border between the counties of Hargita and Neamț. The administrative border on the Gyergyószentmiklós – Gyergyótölgyes – Békás section has been reconfirmed, despite the fact that the Ploiesti Court of Appeal had already ruled on this matter – reported the prefect.

Adrian Niță previously explained that at first he did not understand why the case had to be taken to court again, since a final judgment had already been made in the Békás-szoros case.

When the Neamț County Prefecture was summoned last year, it turned out that it was the same protocol that was the subject of the case 1417/105/2011, and in which the Ploiești district court issued the final judgment 454/2020, rejecting the document request for annulment

he said in the spring.

Back in 2019, the people of Hargita county won a lawsuit on the issue of the county border, and then the area with great tourist attraction was annexed to Gyergyószentmiklós. However, not long after, Neamț County successfully appealed to the District Court in Ploiești, which reinstated the previous county border.

In 2022, the Hargita County Council initiated another court proceeding in the case at the Hargita County Court, citing that the border established in the aforementioned protocol is not the same as the one in the 1968 Law on Administrative Borders in Romania. According to Székelyföld’s argument, since this is also a county border, representatives of the relevant county municipalities should have been included in the committee that designated the border.

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