Hands-on: Repair Business Toolkit from iFixit is the ultimate accessory for PC geeks

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iFixit’s specialized gadget repair toolkits are some of the best on the market—they are one of our favorite gift tips for any nerd, and they’re great around the house too. iFixit makes them in many sizes and at many price points, but the new Repair Business Toolkit he is everyone’s dad. This massive collection of dozens and dozens of individual tools is a “repair shop you can take with you.” Gordon dives into the kit in the latest YouTube video from PCWorld.

What’s in there? A better question might be, what it is not in there? THE Raising $300 it includes the Pro Tech Toolkit, which itself has a driver with dozens of bits and an extender in a magnetic case, various tweezers, spudgers, and a suction cup clip, plus an anti-static wrist strap, all organized in a tool roll. Includes the Marlin Screwdriver add-on set, with 15 dedicated screwdrivers for the most common screws. Plus, you get two more heavy-duty suction and anti-clamp “iOpener” tools, a magnetic “FixMat” to hold screws and other bits and pieces while you work, a foldable anti-static mat, various other picks, spudger, tweezers, an anti-static brush, utility tape, cleaning cloths, a dust blower, and opening tools. On top of everythingthe kit includes a set of digital calipers, a digital multimeter and a battery block.

If that weren’t enough, he’s got a super-organized shoulder bag for all those things (legs lift!), a carabiner clip, an iFixit fabric patch and lapel badge, and a Self-Repair Manifesto poster, just in case. where anyone was ever in doubt about how serious you are when it comes to gadget repair.

It’s certainly a large investment, but this kit includes just about everything you need to fix anything smaller than an appliance, with the possible exception of a soldering kit. And every piece of the kit is backed by iFixit’s Lifetime Warranty, which means a free replacement for anything that breaks, as long as you own the kit. For deeper dives in the best geeky gear, be sure to subscribe to PCWorld on YouTube!

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