Giraffe transported 2,000km to colder climates following campaign by environmental activists

Adriana Lima
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origin 1Workers put together Benito the giraffe for transport to the Central Park City Zoo in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Jan. 21, 2024. ©AP Photo/Christian Chavez

A giraffe named Benito is on a 50-hour journey to hotter climates after a campaign led by animal rights activists in Mexico.

He left MexicoOn Sunday night we headed to a protected park within the middle of the city, the place the local weather is extra related to its pure habitat and already residence to different giraffes.

Environmental teams had expressed sturdy complaints in regards to the situations Benito confronted on the city-run Central Park zoo in Ciudad Juarez, throughout from El Paso, Texas, the place the local weather in the summertime is brutally scorching and temperatures drop throughout the winter.

A crane rigorously lifted a container containing the giraffe onto a truck as town’s residents bid one another a bittersweet farewell. Some activists shouted: “We love you, Benito.”

“We’re a little sad that he’s leaving. but it also gives us great pleasure… The weather the conditions are not right for him,” says Flor Ortega, a 23-year-old who has spent her whole life visiting the Modesto giraffe, which was on the zoo for twenty years earlier than dying in 2022, after which Benito, who arrived final May .

The transfer could not have come at a greater time, simply as a brand new chilly entrance was about to hit the world.

origin 1A truck carrying Benito the giraffe is escorted by a convoy of autos with brokers of the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection and the National Guard, January 22AP Photo/Christian Chavez

Benito is touring 2,000 kilometers to his new residence

Benito was embarking on a 2,000 kilometer and roughly 50 hour journey to his new residence, the Africam Safari park, within the state of Puebla. Visitors journey via the park in all-terrain autos to observe animals as in the event that they had been on safari.

The container, greater than 5 meters excessive, was designed particularly for Benito and the giraffe was ready to familiarize himself with it over the weekend, says Frank Carlos Camacho, the park’s director.

THE animalThe head protrudes from the highest of the big wooden and metallic field, however a body permits a tarp to cowl Benito and insulate him from the chilly, wind and rain, in addition to from the noise and sight of the speeding panorama.

“The giraffe has huge, huge eyes and it gains height to be able to look for predators in the savannah and we have to inhibit it so that it doesn’t have any source of stress,” Camacho says in a video posted on social media.

Inside the container there’s straw, alfalfa, water and greens. The digital gear will monitor the temperature and likewise enable technicians to converse to the animal.

Outside, Benito will likely be guarded by a convoy of vehicles with officers from the Federal Prosecutor’s Office for Environmental Protection and the National Guard.

“He will be calm, he will travel very well. We’ve done this many times,” Camacho says.

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