Gergely Karácsony: The government would harass the people of Budapest with Hídvám

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“The M0 bridges an estimated 16,700 intra-city journeys every day. Tens of thousands of people use the bridges to travel within Budapest, and the government now offers them two choices: either they pay the government’s new bridge toll, or they have to make detours of several tens of kilometers every day, increasing the number of traffic jams in the city,” he writes.

According to the proposal of the Ministry of Construction and Transport, the section of the M0 bypass between M1-M5 and M4-M3 would become tolled, that is, the entire section would become tolled.

According to the mayor, the XXI. In the 20th century, the city policy concept that the government represents by undermining the users of the M0 ring is completely unacceptable. According to him, if the M0 becomes tolled, tens of thousands of motorists will be forced to drive on a longer, more uncomfortable and more environmentally polluting route.

The measure would significantly worsen the transport options between Óbuda and Újpest, as well as between Budafok, Csepel and Soroksár in the south

– writes.

He considers it completely absurd and unacceptable that tolls must also be paid for Budapest buses ordered by BKK, which otherwise transport passengers between Budapest destinations on the M0 bridges.

According to Karácsony, the government’s plan is concrete damage to Budapest and the people of Budapest: the lives of tens of thousands of people will be made difficult by the introduction of the bridge mine, and many hundreds of thousands of Budapest residents will be diverted to the city’s roads with extra traffic, he writes.

Karácsony expects the government to withdraw its proposal to make the M0 bypass road toll, and to make the currently tolled section free as well.

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