Gas prices continue to fall, they haven’t been this cheap in a year and a half

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The price of next month’s gas is already down by almost 7 percent, which means that the quotation per megawatt hour has already decreased by about 11 percent in March.

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Source: tradingeconomics

The current price of 42 euros is also the lowest value since August 16, 2021.

compared to last year’s peak of 345 euros, the price of gas has fallen by almost 88 percent.

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Source: tradingeconomics

As a result of the much milder than average winter weather, the level of gas storage in Europe is also well above the seasonal values, currently at 59.2 percent, which is more than double the value of 27.7 percent a year ago.

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Before the storage season starting in April, it is expected that after the current cooling, the temperature will continue to be above the seasonal values, but increased discipline will still be required on the part of consumers, especially since

together with the resumption of Chinese economic life, it is expected that global LNG demand will also increase considerably.

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