Gaming Marketing: when marketing is a game – RB

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Gaming Marketing: when marketing is a game – RB

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Gaming Marketing: when marketing is a game – RB

Gaming Marketing: when marketing is a game – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Gaming Marketing: when marketing is a game – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Gaming Marketing: when marketing is a game – RB

Marketing is an activity that takes place at three hundred and sixty degrees and the world of video games, now in continuous and vertical growth for years, certainly represents an important opportunity to be seized to advertise products and services and reach a very high number of potential customers. All the companies that deal with digital marketing find themselves having to improve the brand awareness of the companies that follow to help them to broaden the pool of their potential customers. Let’s start by saying that video games are both a means of entertainment and a new business opportunity, hence the concept of gaming marketing . In the next paragraphs we will therefore focus on this way of marketing, also listing the different types of advergames .

What is gaming marketing?

One of the advantages of this type of marketing is certainly that of being able to reach users who are not yet loyal so as to convey commercial messages. But not only that, with these techniques it will also be possible to focus on what is called Brand Awareness, going to counter the perception of weaknesses of the brand. Applying efficient strategies provides companies with competitive advantages from various points of view. Think, just to give an example, of the target. When we talk about video games we have different targets involved such as young people, adults, men and women. Not only that, video games can create emotion and can therefore be used by companies to create one effective brand storytelling . Furthermore, thanks to the advergame it will also be possible to monitor and track user behavior, thus providing companies with both quantitative and qualitative data. In short, this world is in continuous and inexorable rise and this rise is also facilitated by the fact that word of mouth still has great weight in the gaming community. If we have understood the potential of this world, let’s now analyze the different types to choose from.

The different types of Gaming marketing

As we can well understand, talking about this way of marketing in generic terms does not convey the idea of ​​the different types that companies have available and from which they will have to choose also based on their own objectives. For example, we have the so-called ” Around-game advertising “, a very simple method that consists of banners and ads placed around the window or while the video game is loading . It is therefore a very direct, almost traditional type of marketing, in which the message is not directly integrated into the actual gaming experience. Then we have the so-called ” in-game advertising ” which, as the name implies, consists in the integration of products and advertising directly within the video game world. However, it is not enough to insert products and banners at random during the gaming experience, if you want this type of marketing to be effective you will need to adapt the type of advertising to the game itself. In summary, the world evoked by the video game will also have to be consistent, or in any case appropriate, to the brand. If done well, in-game marketing also allows you to improve the setting itself making it more realistic.

Gaming marketing and “Advergames”

The so-called advergames are a full part of this way of conceiving marketing. We are actually talking about real video games that are made with the aim of promoting products or brands. This is clearly a very innovative way of marketing as it allows for very engaging communication with players. The goal is to make users come back independently to play and to aim for a viral communication. If users appreciate the game, they will certainly talk about it with relatives, friends and colleagues and word of mouth will lead to excellent results from various points of view. There are also real video games for employees and office workers which have the purpose of increasing productivity or conveying the corporate culture with a view to improving productivity. But to understand exactly what advergames are we must consider that this type of game was created to convey the advertising message. The strength of advergames is definitely interactivity but who thinks it is a way of marketing too expensive can feel comfortable as it requires very low costs. We have different types of advergames such as associative, demonstrative or illustrative ones. The associative advergames are based on the association of a brand to an interactive game in which the brand and product are not however show yourself openly. Conversely, the illustrative advergames are video games in which the brand becomes the absolute protagonist. Finally, the demonstrative advergames are those in which you try to get total involvement between the player and the brand. In short, this way of marketing responds to the need to always find new ways to reach users without boring them.

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