“From May via the Green Pass indoors.” The government tempted by the last tear

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Three months to lift the restrictions. A gradual release under which in May the obligation of the Green Pass for indoor activities, from the restaurant to the cinema, could disappear, and in June every ban could fall.
From 1 April meanwhile, the green certificate will no longer be used for eating, drinking a coffee or attending outdoor sporting and cultural events. The control room will draw up the steps to eliminate the measures during the week and the Council of Ministers on Wednesday will give the green light to the new decree. On March 31, in fact, together with the state of emergency, the anti-contagion measures of the executive lapse, which will have to choose which ones to extend. One of the tables on which the political battle is also played, sterilized on other fronts by the Ukrainian crisis.

The key dates are April 1st, May 1st and June 15th, when the law on the compulsory vaccination for over 50s also expires, pandemic permitting. The curve is now in a rising phase. Yesterday the new infections were 48,886 against the 35,057 of last Sunday. Total positives are therefore growing, again close to one million (yesterday they were 999,000).

Bars, restaurants and hotels

After the expiry of the state of emergency, that is, from April 1st, it will be possible to go to the outdoor venues without showing the Green Pass, neither basic nor reinforced. In the government there are those who, like the Minister of Tourism, are also clamoring for the complete removal of the Pass requirement in hotels. It is not excluded that the change will be introduced as early as April. While from May 1st the restrictions for lunches, coffees and aperitifs could fall even indoors.


Another novelty for next month concerns national and local transport. Today to board trains, planes and buses you need the Super Green Pass (vaccine or recovery). In just over two weeks the basic certificate will be enough, the one you get even with the swab. The obligation of Ffp2 should fall: surgical ones can also be worn.

Even on buses and trains back to normal from April you go up without the super Green Pass

by Michele Bocci March 10, 2022

Shows and sports

Also from April, the green certificate will not be required to attend outdoor sporting or cultural events. No tampon, vaccine or certificate of recovery therefore for games, concerts, films in the arenas, theatrical performances en plein air. Not only. The capacity of sports facilities should increase further and return to 100% in stadiums and 75% in indoor arenas. Even for outdoor sports, such as five-a-side football, the Pass requirement should be dropped. Which will instead remain in force in gyms and indoor swimming pools, cinemas and theaters closed for at least another month, until May 1st.

Covid Italy, the bulletin of March 13, 2022: 48,886 new cases and 86 deaths

March 13, 2022

School and work

The green certification to access workplaces will still resist, beyond April. However, for employees and the self-employed who are not subject to vaccination obligations, a remodeling is being considered: the basic Green Pass, that is to say, the one as a buffer, could be enough. From 1 April the experimental legislation linked to smart working also ends and there will be a return to individual agreements between companies and workers but with simplified procedures. The same agreements that apply in the public administration where work in presence will prevail but smart working will not be scrapped. At school we are moving towards the elimination of the obligation of Ffp2 for the contacts of a positive, the revision of the quarantine system and then the abandonment of masks tout court. The provision, however, should not enter into this decree.

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