From May there will no longer be the obligation of Green Pass and masks

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On Thursday afternoon, the government decided to ease the restrictions introduced so far to contain the coronavirus pandemic. The main novelty concerns the Green Pass and the masks, which from May 1st will no longer be mandatory for access to indoor public places and public transport.

The decision was long awaited given that the state of emergency imposed for the pandemic will end on March 31, which the government had already decided not to extend given the decrease in infections in recent months and the lower incidence of these on intensive care units. Although in the meantime the numbers have started to rise again, anticipating the possible arrival of a new wave in the coming weeks, the government has decided to confirm the relaxation of the restrictions, which in theory should gradually lead to their almost total elimination.

From the the first of April the Green Pass – both the strengthened one (obtainable only with vaccination or recovery from COVID-19) and the basic one (obtainable even after having tested negative in an antigen or molecular test for the coronavirus) – will no longer be mandatory to access shops, hotels, public offices, post offices, banks, swimming pools and to access a bar or restaurant and enjoy being outdoors.

Until April 30, the reinforced one will continue to be mandatory for access to indoor restaurants and bars, spas, gaming halls, discos, congresses and indoor sporting events and competitions and discos. For sporting and non-sporting events that take place outdoors until April 30, the basic Green Pass will be required.

Also from April 1st, the Green Pass will no longer be necessary to access local public transport, but until April 30th the basic one will continue to be mandatory for long-distance transport.

Furthermore, from April 1st there will no longer be the obligation for people who are at least 50 years old to be in possession of the reinforced Green Pass to go to work, but the vaccination obligation remains in force for over 50s, teachers, doctors and police forces. ‘order until June 15, and until the end of the year only for healthcare personnel and nursing homes. As for the masks, until 30 April they will remain mandatory in public places indoors and on public transport. From April 1, the obligation of quarantine in schools also changes, which will trigger only in the event of a student’s infection and no longer due to contact with an infected person.

From the first of May any Green Pass obligation will be permanently eliminated, as well as any obligation to wear masks.

The government has also made some more technical decisions about managing the pandemic in the coming months. From April the division of Italy into epidemiological risk zones will be eliminated, i.e. the division of the regions with the colors white, yellow, orange and red. The Scientific Technical Committee and the structure of the extraordinary commissioner will also expire, and will be replaced by an operational unit entrusted initially to the Ministry of Defense and then to the Ministry of Health. On the other hand, the weekly monitoring and the bulletin released daily on the progress of infections and hospitalizations will remain for now.

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