Five-lotto: two became billionaires today in Hungary

By RockedBuzz 1 Min Read

This week’s winning numbers of the Five Lottery were drawn, this week two players also hit the jackpot, each of them became richer by more than HUF 2.3 billion. In the 18th week’s draw, accumulation starts again from HUF 150 million.

The winning numbers of the Five Lottery were:

7; 13; 28; 47; 58.

The hit brought the two winners a net HUF 2,308,107,190 each. In addition, the prizes are:

  • 4 results HUF 573,740,
  • 3 hits HUF 9,480,
  • And 2 hits cost HUF 1,540 to the winners.

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