Five days from order to delivery – this is how Hungarian high-tech equipment arrives in Iceland

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A closed 5G network operates in Huawei’s European Supply Center, which enables high-tech production and logistics equipment to work completely independently and support each other. The goal is clear:

the more the time of the given work process should be reduced, the possibility of errors should be smaller, the utilization of the machines should be higher, i.e. the production and delivery should be more efficient.

A company that starts automation can even start small, by making forklifts smarter and by precise, automatic labeling of products, they can save a lot of time and costs, and VR glasses can make the training and education of employees even faster. The use of artificial intelligence can play an even greater role in quality control and assurance.

The implementation of technologies represents a serious competitive advantage on the market and enables even better utilization of domestic production and logistics capabilities.

The Portfolio team filmed in Huawei’s supply center in Páty, where the company’s managers showed the astonishing increase in efficiency that can be achieved through the diverse use of 5G technologies.

Megrendeléstől leszállításig öt nap – így kerülnek a magyarországi high-tech berendezések IzlandraMegrendeléstől leszállításig öt nap – így kerülnek a magyarországi high-tech berendezések Izlandra

Cover image source: Portfolio / András Ács

The publication of the article and the video by Huawei supported it.

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