Exclusive: YouTube star Rosanna Pansino says it still feels ‘surreal’ that people are watching her videos: ‘I like learning new things’

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YouTube star Rosanna Pansino she started her channel in 2009 and has been since then skyrocketed to fame. He is now one of the highest paid content creators on the platform as well as being listed Forbes‘ Main influencers: Food list in 2017.

“I loved it. It was a lot of fun. YouTube has adapted to different types of content and formats that have been implemented over the years. As live streaming became available on other platforms, YouTube came out with a live stream or short-form content. So, I started making short videos where I can boil down all the content I’ve been making for decades on my channel,” the 37-year-old, who partnered with Blue Buffalothe nation’s leading all-natural pet food, to kick off a series of football-inspired, lovingly crafted barkuterie boards featuring a wide variety of Blue Buffalo treat products.

“My channel was getting about 17 million views a month, then we started posting short films and that breathed new life into my channel,” he adds. “I went from 17 million views a month to around 70-100 million views a month. It’s been incredible. It allows me to learn about different social platforms and keep growing.”

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Growing up, the influencer always gravitated towards food. “I think food is my love language. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, and it was our family’s way of showing love to each other. Even today, on different events or birthdays, we make a cake or cookies for someone. This is how we showed affection. I’ve always loved food and I think it’s been a hobby all my life,” she shares. “When I first started on YouTube, I was cooking and doing cooking tutorials. I he was vlogging, and it accidentally became a series. After years of doing that, the community got bigger and they wanted to know more about me, which I found a little embarrassing, but also flattering.”

People then asked the star about her life and interests, something she needed to get used to. “I never imagined a career like the one I’m having now,” she says. “Even today, it still feels surreal because I loves to be creative, making content and videos, and working with food. I get to create things for a living. I’m still grateful every day for the experience.”

“I’ve always wanted to do things to help people, and it’s crazy that anyone can watch,” she says. “I remember the first time I went on YouTube, I Googled ‘how to tie a tie.’ That’s how I knew. I just thought, ‘How cool is that?’ I find it remarkable that someone can Google ‘how to decorate a cupcake or how to make a coffee cake’ and my name pops up.”

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Though the video-making landscape is changing, Pansino doesn’t feel pressured to confirm. “If you really don’t like something, you don’t have to do it because you’re the boss.”

In the end, Pansino is so proud of herself for being able to take care of her family. “I never thought it would be possible,” she says.

He also has a lot up his sleeve. “I’d love to do more acting and more music,” she notes. “I love food and I love hosting. I loved doing theater in middle school – it was so much fun. I hope I get to act and sing more – that would make my heart happy too. I also had a role in NCIS: Los Angeles , and I’m really excited, I can say it is all surreal again?”

Meanwhile, Pansino is also looking forward to cooperating with Blue Buffalo to make “barkuterie” boards. According to a recent survey conducted by Blue Buffalo, 97% of pet parents noted that giving treats to dogs brings joy to both themselves and their dogs, and over 72% plan to give their dogs special treats. during “The Big Game”.

“They fit really well because my dogs love them,” she says. “They’re high-quality food and contain natural ingredients. I started making barkuterie boards for my dogs and my friends’ dogs, and they’ve become perfect for get-togethers and events.”

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“The last couple of times I’ve been like, ‘Well, we’re making all these cute platters. I might even make a charcuterie board for the dogs.’ They kept getting cuter and cuter and Blue Buffalo has all these cute bits,” he adds of the range of treats featured in the new barkuterie boards, which include: BLUE pushes chicken jerky cuts, BLUE Nudges Grillers, BLUE Bits, BLUE health bars,BLUE Sizzlers And Stix BLUE. I had a Halloween dog party at my house last year and we’ve had over 30 dogs here. We made a video of it on my channel and it was insane, in the best way. We will probably have another meeting for football fun.”

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