Exclusive: TikTok star Yumna Jawad loves ‘teaching people to cook’: ‘It’s fun to grow this following’

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Yumna Jawadthat is to say Feel good foodie, originally worked in marketing for 10 years before moving into the food business. “I wanted to learn more about nutrition and share it with others, so I started posting food facts, but viewers wanted the recipes. I was so confused why they want the recipes since there are free recipes online. What I accomplished over time it was that people wanted my interpretation of my recipes because they are easy, healthy and look good”, says the entrepreneur exclusively Morning honey while talking about his collaboration with CA Nuts.

“It’s been almost 10 years since I started this journey, and it’s become my full-time job with 10 people working with me. It’s amazing to see this passion comes to life. It all started when I discovered why food is good for you and how it makes you feel good. I always try to get back into nutrition as much as possible,” she continues.

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Over the years, the brunette beauty has gotten to interact and meet fans, especially since the rise of TikTok. Now more than ever, people are interested in learning more health and nutritionwhich warms her heart. “A lot of people are connecting with how easy it is to prepare healthy meals at home. It started during the pandemic because people were like, ‘I have to learn to cook now.’ Everyone now has these tools to prepare quick and easy meals,” she shares. “People make breakfast more often and oats at night. It’s really inspiring and powerful and fun to see it spreading all over the place.”

The social media star is now working in a cookbook, which will be released next spring. “This is going to be my other passion, and it will be about Mediterranean food. I’m Lebanese and I like to incorporate little things into my recipes to bring out the Mediterranean flavor. So, I’m going to take spaghetti and add spices. make something more unique and inspiring,” she says.

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“I’m so inspired from my audience and my followers who teach me new things. They’ve been asking me for a book for years!” she adds. “It’s always fun to grow social media and teach people how to cook with quick and easy hacks. It’s fun to see, and it’s so gratifying for me to see – and humbling!”

Jawad’s biggest piece of advice when following your dreams is to “get started”.

“Whatever time you have, start and experiment and give it a try,” she says. “I have friends who say, ‘I want to do something that I am enthusiast‘, and I’m like, ‘Put it out there.’ It doesn’t even have to be perfect.”

Since Jawad is such a foodie, it makes sense that he would cooperate CA Nuts — and even curated a brand new TikTok nutmeat recipe, air-fried stuffed shells with nutmeat.

origin 1California nuts

“I’m a big fan of nuts. Being Lebanese, we eat a lot of nuts and have a lot of savory and sweet recipes. I take a handful of nuts a day. So when California nuts asked me to collaborate with them on a recipe, I thought this was an obvious opportunity. We are trying to bring more awareness to the use of nut meat recipes. It’s something I learned a few years ago when I started seeing food bloggers making nutmeat taco meat,” she shares. this trick at home.’ It’s great to bring more awareness, especially if you’re looking for more vegan or plant-based options.”

“The first thing I ever made was taco meat, and I love the idea,” she adds. “Recently I also made stuffed pasta shells with walnut pulp, and it was delicious!”

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