Exclusive: Tiffani Thiessen is ‘happy’ doing the things she loves at this point in her career, dishes in new cookbook ‘Here We Go Again’

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Tiffani Thiessen he became famous after appearing in Saved by the bell AND Beverly Hills, 90210but later, he had the chance to venture into the world of cooking. He hosted the Cooking Channel series Dinner at Tiffani’s from 2015 to 2017 and later appeared on the MTV show Delicacy.

origin 1The actress has just written her second cookbook. Courtesy of tiffani thiessen

Although the actress wrote his first book, Pull up a chairin 2018, he wasn’t finished and decided to embark on writing another book, leading to publication Here we go again: Recipes and inspiration to level up your leftoverswhich comes out Tuesday 26 September.

“The idea came to us at the beginning of the pandemic, when we all didn’t go to the grocery store as often. Since we didn’t, we were more diligent about using everything in our refrigerator and pantry. It was successful I thought because that’s how I grew up. My parents didn’t have a lot of money and I feel like they were trying to be budget conscious. My mom was always trying to stretch food out during the week. I thought, “I’ve never seen a book of cuisine of the kind in which everyday leftovers are broken down,” the 49-year-old says exclusively Morning honey. “That’s how the idea was born and how we can continue the conversation with my kids about how important it is to not waste food.”

“I knew I wanted to do a second cookbook; I just didn’t know what the idea would be,” she adds. “When the idea came about at the beginning of COVID, I thought, ‘This is it. This is the book.’ I looked into the recipes and then developed them.”

This time the recipes were a little different to think about. “In the first book, a lot of them were basic recipes that I had made in my family or I had modernized them a little. I didn’t have to try recipes or recreate them. Maybe a little less than half of the book was inspired by recipes that I was already making and then I I thoroughly developed the ones I thought were necessary,” he explains, adding that some of the most popular ones include leftover rice, leftover cold pizza and sushi cakes.

origin 1The star loves to cook with her two children, Harper and Holt. @tiffanithiessen/instagram

The brunette beauty, to whom he is married Brady Smith, notes that because she’s not a “culinary chef,” her recipes are much easier to follow. “People aren’t going to find ingredients that they don’t know how to pronounce or you don’t know where to buy them,” she says. “It’s not long lists of steps. It’s not how I cook. I’m also a busy mom, so I hope people understand that my books are extremely relatable to the everyday person.”

From a young age, the star, who shares children Harper AND Holt with Smith, he’s always been a fan be in the kitchen with his family, especially his mother and grandmother. “I always liked doing it, but it wasn’t until I got a little older and when I started traveling to other countries and states that I was exposed to different cultures and cuisines and was exposed to different foods,” she says .

Now, the mother of two gets to pass down the traditions to her two children. “First of all there is homework and sports, but on weekends we eat breakfast together most of the time – and during holidays,” she shares. “They’re good at telling me what they want and what they want that week. They’ll say, ‘Hey, let’s do this. I see it in the fridge, let’s do it tonight.’ They love any type of Mexican food, whether it’s my enchiladas or some sort of taco bowl. They also love pizza night. We generally do pasta night once a week because it’s easy.”

origin 1The mum-of-two’s new book focuses on not wasting food. @tiffanithiessen/instagram

Plus, the California native is adamant about teaching her kids without wasting food.

“When they were younger they didn’t understand that 40% of food is wasted, so I explain why it’s important. The impact we are having on our climate is huge with food waste, so if we can make small changes in our home, it will bring to a greater impact,” he says. “My kids have worked with the LA Food Bank and Feeding America, and it’s one of their favorite things! They love it.”

As for how Thiessen finds time to write her books, she says she’s “motivated” and “passionate” about what she’s doing. “It’s about enjoying what you do for a living, right? If you’re passionate about it and you enjoy it, then you’ll do it,” she says. “I’m just happy to still be able to do the things I love. It’s important to show off your other talents because it will keep you on your toes.”

Although the North Pole alum While she’s not yet thinking about a third cookbook, she admits she’s open to the idea. “Maybe one day! I like them even if they’re hard to work with,” she says.

origin 1The book will be released on September 26th. Courtesy of Rebecca Sanabria

Here we go again: Recipes and inspiration to level up your leftoversis now available for purchase.

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