Exclusive: ‘Sweet Magnolias’ star JoAnna Garcia Swisher says being a mom of two is ‘the greatest job of my life’

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JoAnna Garcia Swisher feels like he’s at a weak spot in his life: Sweet Magnolias it’s a bona fide success on Netflixwith whom she is married Nick Swisher and she gets to enjoy the time with their two girls, Emerson9, and Sailor Man6.

“It’s honestly the greatest job of my life and the greatest honor of my life, really. I love watching these girls blossom and try new things, and I get to see them become who they are,” the 43-year-old, who collaborated with Mrs T’s Pierogies to talk about simplifying self-care for Stellar moms everywhere sharing design tips and cash rewards for creating a “charging room” in their home and easy-to-make pierogy recipes for delicious family dinners, exclusively tells Morning honey. “My husband and I both feel like we want to inspire our kids to find what they love and make a living, no matter what it looks like.”

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Since the red-haired beauty and baseball player, 42, have been able to follow your dreams, hope their kids find something they’re equally passionate about. “Right now we’re in the stage where we’re always trying new things. Thanks to our work, we travel a lot and show them the world. We’re trying to savor this moment as a family because it passes so fast.”

Since Nick is athletic and the Reba alum is in the arts, sees both characteristics in his girls. “My eldest daughter is an avid equestrian,” she reveals. “Ever since she was two or three years old, she’s wanted to be on horseback, and she’s really dedicated herself to that. It’s a hobby you have to love and it takes time and dedication. My youngest is showing signs of wanting to be an actress.” She’s started looking at more stuff I’ve done and asking really unique questions. So, I don’t know if there’s something there. I have her in a local acting class on Saturday mornings, and she seems to really like me — and she loves to dance. I try not to label things; I just let it unfold.But I wouldn’t be surprised if I took my daughter to auditions at some point in her life.

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In fact, her daughters already have star power, as she’s appeared in the background of Sweet Magnolias recently. “It was really fun having them there,” she recalls. “I’m a fixture on set. They visit and love me craft services a lot. They’re spoiled when they arrive, so it’s a good experience.”

Since JoAnna is constantly on the go, it was a no-brainer for her to collaborate Mrs T’s Pierogies because “everything inspires moms to take time for themselves and recharge,” she explains. “My friends and I are always talking about how we can do this and how to carve out time. When we started talking about the idea of ​​designing these charging stations and spaces in our home, I was all for it because I’m a junkie.” design. My space is really important and my kids and husband love them.”

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For a deserving mom, they’ll win $20,000 and a custom home design by JoAnna for the ultimate “Charging Room” creation or update. “From February 28 to March 28, you can nominate an All-Star Mom in your life — or they can nominate themselves. If you visit https://www.mrstspierogies.com/allstarmoms/, have a chance to win a year’s worth of supplies. We want to inspire moms to carve out their own charging spaces and create that space. I also share a recipe created with Ms. T that is so quick, easy and delicious. It’s also great for entertaining.”

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As for how the mom of two makes sure to carve out time in her busy day, she believes self-love is vital. “We’re all so busy, especially moms, and we’re pulled in a million different directions and always want to do our best, but the most important thing is to take time for ourselves,” she notes. “Any mom says you need to save some time and not feeling guilty is essential. We always encourage each other to do it.”

“I tried to get outdoors a little more or read a book,” she says of her free time. “I am an avid reader and feel that having the space where you can do this inspires me. I love bathing and have a giant dog who is very excited about having this initiative in my life. The brand cares about supporting other mums and taking that time for yourself, that I can get behind”.

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