Exclusive: Paloma Garcia-Lee Says Starring In ‘West Side Story’ Is ‘The Gift That Keeps Giving’: ‘Life Changes’

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when Dove Garcia-Lee was cast as Graziellain Steven SpielbergThe 2021 remake of 1961 musical West Side Historyhe had to pinch himself.

West Side History it is the gift that will keep on giving in my life. I don’t know how to describe it other than life changing. It was one of the most transformative summers of my life working with that crew and cast, and it completely changed my career trajectory and opened my eyes to so many new artistic endeavors that I’m now experiencing the beginnings of!” actress, who talked about his essential cocktails, RTD brand craft cocktailstells exclusively Morning honey.

The blonde beauty admits she’s in the Spielberg presence it was a dream come true.

“He is the GOAT. He is a leader, a visionary, a force. To work with him, to be on his set, to be part of the Amblin family is an honor and a treasure. I carry with me the lessons he taught me and the words that he shared and the passion he shared with me every day.There are countless stories from the set but I think the truth of the matter is for all of us on that project – it changed us forever and the gratitude and experience was like nothing else we’ve ever met,” he shares. “But truly Steven is the most generous and incredible director and to watch someone use their genius and power to do good on this earth is truly inspiring.”

origin 1Marisa Melito

Since Garcia-Lee has “dedicated” her entire life to the arts since she was a young girl, starring in a large production like West Side History it was “always the drama and the plan”.

“It’s what I’ve worked so hard for. So, there’s immense gratitude in the moments when the YES comes — when I get the job, when I get the TV show, and this is my first film — to be one of the this magnitude is just unbelievable,” he says. “I felt a deep alignment when I read they were remaking the film, when I got the audition, and when I got the job. That kind of alignment, when it happens, is one of the best feelings as an artist.”

Growing up, Garcia-Lee was fascinated with acting and, at age 10, was adamant about it making it in show business.

“It sounds young to know what you want to do, but in the arts, work starts young, especially since I started focusing primarily on ballet, then acting, then Broadway, then TV, and now film,” she says. “But especially with ballet, you have to learn so young and train so hard when you’re young because those careers start in your teens and then there’s a real pressure to commit to your craft as a kid, which I did.”

The Fosse/Verdon alum is “so proud” to be a triple threat, as he sings, dances and acts.

“It’s been my job since I made my Broadway debut at 17. I also went to college to pursue being an artist when I was 14. This career requires so much dedication, sacrifice, work, and so much work that no one he doesn’t even see: the hours in the classroom, the training, the auditions, the honing of the craft,” he admits. “And to be able to say that I dance, sing and act professionally is something I am deeply proud of. This career is incredibly difficult, volatile, non-linear and requires daily trust, faith and dedication. It is the hardest and most rewarding thing I can imagine. Do.”

Despite the ups and downs, Garcia-Lee couldn’t imagine herself doing something else. “Every single art experience has been its own beautiful journey in my life, and it has shaped me into who I am today. In this career, it is my life, every moment of my life mostly revolves around art, and I am so grateful for the woman who made me and continues to shape me. I am so proud to be an artist and to chase my wildest and biggest dreams every day,” she declares.

“I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the art I want to make and the impact I want to have and the people I want to work with,” she adds. “The lists are so long and I have so much ahead of me that I’m working on right now. I’m doing my best to enjoy every step of the journey to the next goals. The great thing about art is that I’m never sure “We can do it.” There’s always more to explore and the dreams keep growing and expanding.

For example, Garcia-Lee now wants to focus on film and TV in this upcoming one chapter of his career. “After 14 straight years on Broadway and building so many incredible relationships and connections in New York, I’m working in Los Angeles and really allowing my dreams to be bigger than ever in what I’m pursuing. It’s hard work, but I’ve seen in my life before what happens when hard work pays off, so I’m inspired, I reach out and work on myself in bigger ways than I ever have before,” she says.

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When Garcia-Lee has downtime, he loves to relax RTD brand craft cocktails.

“I love having cans of any cocktail, especially the tequila based ones, ready at home to enjoy or share with a friend. I also keep a collection of things to garnish with lemons, limes, oranges, Tajins, salt etc! Of course! I also have an almost fully stocked bar at home, but I find myself reaching for my Crafthouse drinks more often than anything. The Spicy or Smoky Marg are my all time favorites. Followed by my namesake drink, the Paloma!” she shares.

She adds: “For me, my love of cocktails has always been the experience of surrounding them and the experience of encountering what I would call liquid art. I love the conversation that happens by candlelight and a good drink. I love relaxing with one at home after a long day. I love being surprised by a cocktail and that moment when you take your first sip after a meaningful applause – never miss an opportunity for a good and meaningful applause! When the flavors and textures hit your lips, that moment is simply divine. Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good cocktail bar, and now being able to access that experience with so much ease — and anywhere with the Crafthouse — is truly special.”

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