Exclusive: Natasha Feldman’s book ‘The Dinner Party Project’ is a ‘shameless zone for exploring what hosting means to you’

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Natasha FeldmannThe new book is about bringing people together, but without the stress! The tome, which comes out on Tuesday, April 18, explains how to organize a fun get-together with some good advice inside.

The Dinner Party Project: A stress-free guide to eating with friendsit’s part cookbook, part all-encompassing guide to throwing a dinner party, whatever it looks like for you. It’s full of delicious recipes, advice on what to prepare ahead of time, and fun menus to choose from. But it’s also a book that says, ‘Hey, are you tired? Because you can order take out and serve it to your friends and that’s it Also a dinner!’ It’s an unashamed area to explore what hosting means to you and how you can find your sweet spot,” says the chef exclusively Morning honey.

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“So many people tell me that hosting dinner parties is stressful – the pressure to serve great food and ensure your guests enjoy themselves is overwhelming. I want to change that. I think dinner parties, like anything else in life, are what make them you prepare. There is a stress-free version of dinner for every human being and I want to help people find theirs,” he adds explaining why decided to write the tome.

Since there are a million cookbooks out there, Feldman thought it was important to focus on “the fun of planning, gathering ingredients and cooking, rather than the seriousness of the recipes or the importance of presentation‘, he observes. “I’ve tested the dish recipe a million times and my husband (who recently learned how to ‘heat soup’) worked his way through all of them to make sure they were approachable and easy to follow.” So while creating delicious recipes was obviously very important, the purpose of the book is to give you a sense of comfort and protection so that you can get to know yourself as a guest and discover (or rediscover!) the joy of cooking.”

“Hosting and attending dinner parties has been the best way to stay in touch with my friends, make new ones, and find a real sense of belonging in a world that otherwise wouldn’t make it so easy,” she continues. “So if this book helps even 10 people create regular, stress-free dining habits so they can better connect with loved ones and feel more comfortable in their own skin, I’ll be one happy little clam.”

Feldman admits that writing recipes for the book wasn’t her favorite thing to do, but then she took her own advice and enjoyed inviting people to see what they liked or disliked. “That trip made the actual writing so much easier. From start to finish, it took me about a year to write, but I actually wrote the proposal right before the pandemic, so it just sat around collecting for a while. metaphorical dust,” he says.

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Of course, he also got to whip up some of his best meals along the way. “I could not Not put my favorite dish do in the book. The brisket, a classic Jewish brisket, is such an easy protein to cook. And while it takes a long time, it’s nearly impossible to get wrong and it’s just the most comforting dish I could imagine,” he adds. This recipe has been in my family for generations. It came with my great-great-grandmother from Poland and has been made by every generation since, and honestly probably even before. It has all the standard ingredients plus a ton of prunes and apricots, which leave it with a satisfying, slightly sweet brown sugar caramel flavor, but just the right amount of spiciness/zest!”

Broadcaster’s biggest benefit from hosting is to always have snacks at a dinner. “No one wants to spend most of a dinner party wondering eagerly when they’re going to eat. If people eat snacks, no one will be stressed about when dinner is ready, and no one will be totally devastated if you burn the chicken or drop the pot of rice on the floor. Snacks are a protective measure that lowers any stakes,” she shares. “If you’re super stressed, then you’re planning too much. Remove one thing: Still feeling stressed? Remove another. Still stressed? Order takeout and grab a few pints of ice cream. Worried about the cost? Divide among your friends. Le people are just thrilled to hang out with you and each other without having to worry about feeding themselves. Making people happy at a dinner party is a lot easier than you think.”

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As for what someone should serve, Feldman recommends wine and water.

“Honestly, the number of times the food has been delicious but I’ve felt like a fish out of water is very high. Focus on the basic necessities and then branch out from there. Don’t bite off more than you can chew,” she says .

Ultimately, Feldman’s goal is that he “wants people to get started play with food and enjoy their successes and laugh at the things they mess up. How many things in life have the worst case scenario of a bad dinner? The stakes couldn’t be lower. You just have to sit your ego and take a breather.”

“Everyone has to start somewhere and no one is good at everything. Start by making a salad or a cocktail and order the rest. Or have a potluck. Being a great cook and being a great host are not at all the same thing And if you’re nervous about a particular dish, try making it a few times before making it for a group!” she says.

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For more information on Feldman’s book, Click here.

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