Exclusive: Megan Carty is ‘living my deepest calling and dream’ after becoming an artist

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From a young age, Megan Cart she has always been interested in becoming an artist, but wasn’t sure if she would be able to pursue her dreams.

The Boston Painter began his careerr as a graphic designer, but deep down he knew he wanted to do something even more creative.

“Doing graphic design work was a fun challenge that I enjoyed. It was also an obvious way to make a living as a creative, but working for other people and their vision became emotionally exhausting for me. I had so many my ideas that I wanted to explore, and it was all about painting! I had studied art in college and wanted to go back to my original love,” the artist exclusively says Morning honey.

Luckily, Carty wasn’t taking no for an answer and decided to focus on her passion.

“I didn’t realize that meant you were an entrepreneur. I thought it was all about making art and that some fancy gallery would sell it. Thanks to the internet and e-commerce, I’m able to sell work myself without giving away a commission and that’s so powerful and exciting. Knowing I was in control of my career and success kept me motivated and I learned new things. Success, for me, is having the time flexibility to be where I need to be when I need to be there. I love not having to answer to anyone but myself,” she says.

“Being an artist has taught me all about being resilient and creating my own opportunities to be seen and heard. I’ve learned that I can’t please everyone and can only focus on making the work I most want to have around me. In this In That way, I attract like-minded people to me. I will always face rejection and I’ve learned that it’s not personal,” she adds.

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For the businesswoman, Carty – who is inspired by the coastal landscape of Maine – loves the freedom that comes with being an artist. “I love the flexibility of how I use my time. I’m a mom of three so I need the ability to do all the parenting stuff as well as have my own career. I also love forming relationships with other artists, art collectors , and other people in the art world. I love feeling part of something bigger. I love sharing the creative spark with others and sharing a dialogue about it.”

“I have an ongoing collection of abstract work that I call ‘Untamed.’ It’s about “flying our weird flag” and giving it your all authentic selves. I’ve found that many professionals love to hang these pieces in their offices and homes because it reminds them of their power and amazing capabilities. It’s like having a cheerleader by your side every single day. What an honor to be able to do that for others!” She notices what she loves to paint.”

Also, the process is extremely peaceful for Carty. “I love the meditative practice of abstract expressionist painting. It’s a great way to lose track of time and forget your anxiety. I also love bright colors and watching something appear out of nowhere. It’s like being a magician! I can use great gestural brushstrokes and I have no idea what the piece will look like when I start. It’s always a surprise and I love that challenge. The finished painting always feels like an extension of my inner self that I have to share in a vulnerable way. In this way, painting allows me to feel seen and listened to and share that spark with someone else,” she explains.

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Sure, Carty, who’s partnered with major brands including Anthropologie, faces her fair share of “constant” rejection, but now she’s trying to wallow in it for too long. “I remind myself that it’s not personal and that it takes a lot of no’s to get a yes. Then I dust myself off in my mind and plan the next step. I’ve dealt with years and years of rejection and it’s part of being an artist. The trick is to get back up always and keep going. If you truly love what you do, then it’s always worth getting up to keep going. People who always keep going are the ones who keep going to find success. That’s what keeps me motivated” she says.

Moving forward, Carty hopes “to make very happy paintings that bring joy and healing to people in their homes, workplaces and wherever they may spend their time. My purpose is to do the work, get up every day and bring my ideas to life. It’s quite simple! I would like to see my work in major hotels and hospitals. I would love to inspire other young artists to pursue painting or at least to pursue their authentic selves, whatever that looks like to them,” she shares.

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Ultimately, Carty is “so happy” that she became an artist.

“I am living my deepest calling and dream. I love to do things that inspire joy and excitement in others. In this way, the work is a mirror in which others can see themselves. It’s a great way to spread love and acceptance. I can’t imagine doing anything else and I’ve felt this way since I was six,” she says.

“I want to inspire others to remember who they are at their core and really embrace themselves and all their quirks. I want people to see my work and feel empowered and encouraged to really live up to their potential and love themselves, no matter what. Our lives are filled with successes and failures, victories and defeats. What matters is how we talk to ourselves and whether or not we believe in our abilities. We were born equipped with everything we need. The rest it’s just noise,” he concludes.

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