Exclusive: Lefty’s Right Mind founder Danielle Becker continues to pinch herself as company continues to grow: ‘It’s a dream come true’

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Growing up, Daniel Becker he admired his mother who had hers business for 30 years. “I realized I wanted this for myself, but I didn’t realize how difficult it would be. Since I graduated, I’ve always had a full-time job and side businesses, but I never really knew what I wanted to do ,” the entrepreneur exclusively tells Morning honey.

But the one thing Becker was sure of was getting into the creative world somehow, somehow, while in art school. “This was important to me,” she notes. “I knew what would set me apart was my natural craftsmanship, so I went to school and specialized in painting. fashion.”

origin 1Lefty’s right mind

It was then that Becker had a bright moment: he realized the graphics are fun to create. “I started to get interested and got requests to make handcrafted menus for restaurants,” she recalls. “I started to see the value of the digital and artisanal relationship. I’d mock everything on the computer and then paint it by hand.”

As a result, a friend asked her to paint denim jackets for her bridesmaids, which became a hit. From there, some of her friends started asking her to customize different things, including bags. Becker quickly learned that personalization is something that will never go away.

“I followed my intuition and saw a vacuum in the market“he says. In 2017, Becker started Lefty’s right mindwhose mission is “to create thoughtful works of art that inspire and uplift others.”

The fashion guru started the company in pajamas, but learned it was important to meet with customers to get a sense of what they wanted. “We work with private clients, brands and agencies to create an intimate experience for the recipient,” she says. “We elevate someone’s brand with custom artwork or create magic for an existing brand through hand painting, illustration, embroidery, etc.”

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Becker and his team customize denim jackets, liquor bottles, shoes, bags, small leather goods and more. “We are the private client, so if you have a piece you want us to paint, work directly with each other or organize on-site events where we supply the product and personalize it. We also work with brands and agencies for holiday or big launch gifts,” she explains .

As for why Lefty’s Right Mind is unique, Becker says, “We’re in company with some of the best brands in the world, including Ralph Lauren, Honest Beauty, Lancôme, Salvatore Ferragamo, and more. Our precision and accuracy of our the artwork is top notch, and we will not rush anything. We will not offer something unless we know it is of a high standard. I believe everyone should stop and enjoy the details of life. The amazing thing is that no two pieces are exactly alike.”

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“The best part of my job is that as an artist, I have worked very hard to teach other people what I am worth and what I can create,” she adds. “To be able to hire other creatives and really anyone who needs a little inspiration. I pinch myself every day because I’m surrounded by the best team. I love being able to enrich other people’s lives and I’m lucky and honored to be able to be able to able to do so”.

While there are always challenges when running a business — Becker says she now has to think about the bigger picture instead of saying yes to everything — she wants to “be an advocate for other people trying to live your dreams“, he admits. “With hard work, it’s that simple. We’ve all had moments where we felt undervalued or didn’t feel appreciated, and I want to create a community where people can come and feel valued. I love my job. It’s hard, but I like it.”

Moving forward, Becker would like to buy a beautiful studio in Manhattan, Long Island or Brooklyn so that everyone can collaborate together. “I also want to be the bespoke atelier for all brands,” he says. “We want to be the point of reference if people are looking for a personalized moment. It’s that simple.”

Clearly, Lefty’s Right Mind has taken off, as celebrities, including Malin Akermann And Jessica Alba, are now posting and gushing about Becker’s creations. “I’m just a girl who wanted to go to art school, and I was lucky enough to have parents who allowed me to explore the path I needed. I pinch me every single day. It is a very humbling experience. It’s a dream come true.”

“It’s so rewarding,” she concludes. “That’s what drives me.”

origin 1Lefty’s right mind

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