Exclusive: Kristin Cavallari admits she’s ‘figured out’ how to balance everything in the last 3 years: ‘I’m very happy’

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From running his business Uncommon James to take care of her three children – boys Camden10, and Jaxon9, as well as daughter Saylor7 — it’s safe to say Kristin Cavallari she’s a busy girl!

However, the business woman has a reduced routine after all this time. “Over the past three years, I’ve finally figured out how to make everything work. It all sort of aligned. I hired my C-Suite team during the pandemic in March 2020 and it took about a transition year for everyone to really understand the company and for me to be able to walk away and start doing [my cookbook] Really Simply. After doing that, I was able to do the “Back to the Beach” podcast. I’ve been in a good rhythm,” the 36-year-old said exclusively Morning honey to the Chase Ink Business Premierevent in New York on June 20th. “Everything flows very easily.”

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“I have my two buckets: I have my family bucket and I have my work bucket and work never spills over to the family,” she added. “I’ve been adamant about this since my divorce, and it works really well for me. It’s how I stay sane and keep my time balanced, and only do things if they feed me and make me happy.”

Clearly, the blonde beauty has dabbled in so many different projects, which is why she’s “very happy with where my work-life balance is.”

“It’s more life, and I’m happy because I’ve been moving since I was 17,” she shared. “I’m about to announce something else I’m going to do, but other than that, I have no idea [what the future holds]. Uncommon James It doesn’t take up that much of my time anymore, so I enjoy going to all the flag football games and being a mom, which makes me really happy.”

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Now that Cavallari has hired a great team to help her, he gets to do “all the fun stuff”.

“I can design all the collections and plan the photo shoots,” she said. “I have a hand in marketing. I still take my leadership calls and know everything going on in the company. But I no longer oversee HR!”

“I don’t need to know about every little thing,” she continued. “That’s why I pay people to handle other things, which is really nice. I am very very happy. But again, I owe everything to my team because if I didn’t have the incredibly strong team I have, I wouldn’t be able to work Really simple or the podcast. Thanks to my team, I freed up my time to be able to do other things.”

Recently, Cavallari spoke about the ups and downs of running a business and why use the Chase Ink Business Premier paper helped her thrive. “Chase came to me about this opportunity, and I was really excited about it,” she told her to sit on a panel next to it Emma Grede (Good American, SCREAM) as well as the founders of lovepop (Pink Wombi) AND BLACK and bold (Pernell Cezar). “I’m always humbled when people want me to speak as a company, but this event was really about discussing our brands and how credit cards played a part in the early days of starting and running the company and how we we are entrusted to them.”

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“I used credit cards in the beginning when Very Cavallari aired first. After the first episode, we ran out of all of our inventory, so I ordered a bunch because we got so many requests online. I was like, ‘We’re going to have so many orders.’ I’ve ordered hundreds of thousands of jewelry and relied on credit cards for it,” she explained. “When I opened my first store in NashvilleI relied on credit cards to free up some capital that would allow me to open the shop, and for other business needs we relied on credit cards.”

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If the businesswoman hadn’t used credit cards, she could have hired an investor, but she’s “really proud” that she never had to. “I am 100% owner. by Uncommon James, and I’m very grateful for the credit cards,” she said.

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