Exclusive: Jeannie Mai Jenkins Is Enjoying This New Chapter In Her Life But Knows It’s ‘It’s Gonna Get Even Better’

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Although The true was canceled this year after eight seasons, Jeannie Mai Jenkins he has a lot on his plate, literally and figuratively. Now that the TV personality and rapper Jeezy welcomed their daughter, Monkin January, she is busy embrace motherhood while filming his new show America’s Test Kitchen: The Next Generation.

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‘I love where my life is now, but I know it will get even better,’ says the 43-year-old exclusively Morning honey. “I never count my eggs before they hatch, but it feels so good right now. If you keep taking care of yourself, drinking your water, minding your own business and loving every single day, it will get better. “

Since she’s no longer appearing on the daytime talk show, the brunette beauty already has a long list of things she hopes to accomplish. “Food is a huge focus. I’ve always loved food, but I’ve always been surrounded by fashion and red carpets and talk shows, so there’s never been a room for food,” she explains. “Now I’m jumping in the food space. I’m also taking this time to regroup and think about the production and shows I want to create, not just with food, but in women, in children, in communication, in relationships. There are many different ways I want to approach things. I’m also getting the most out of my show, Hi Hunnay on Youtube. I’m able to talk about things I’m passionate about.”

Also, Jenkins would love to build a “fun show” for children. “I miss the makeovers area too, so it’s something I’d love to dabble in again. I’ll never stop talking. It’s one of my favorite formats, so you might see me on something next year,” she jokes.

These days, the host is excited for people to see her in a whole new light when America’s Test Kitchen: The Next Generation previews Friday, December 9, on Amazon Freevee.

Jenkins will host the 10-episode series, which will see 11 home cook contestants compete against each other, while also presenting dishes “through a series of challenges that test their cooking skills and on-camera personalities” reads the synopsis.

“What excites me the most is actually feeling like I could learn how to knock down in my own cooking,” she jokes. “I cooking at home, but I never knew that cooking just for myself could mean I’m a chef or considered a cook. I thought it meant you had to be trained and cook fancy meals for people. This season, we’re looking for people like me, where they cook for their kids or cook because they’re on a budget. I was so encouraged when I met so many different people from different backgrounds and cultures who were just like me. I learned that I too can have the same abilities as these amazing people who are untrained. I just have to be patient!”

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When Jenkins is home, she loves preparing amazing dishes. “I’m a killer at making a rack of lamb. I’m also good at anything resembling a traditional dish, including mac ‘n’ cheese. I always put a little extra into it. I like to take a lot of my Vietnamese background and use herbs and spices that aren’t on a typical ingredient list,” she shares. “I like to take the knowledge I have from my own mom’s kitchen and throwing it into anything.”

One of the sweetest parts about Jenkins on set is that she brought daughter Monaco along for the ride. “She moved to Boston with me and stayed with me the entire time we filmed the show. It was an amazing experience because she learned about New England culture. Her first foods were New England shellfish and grilled crab,” he reveals. “Bringing Monaco when she’s in her first year somewhere outside the house so she could experience different cuisines and seafood has been amazing. Some of her favorite dishes now it’s fish, and I think it’s because of this experience.”

The one thing Jenkins hopes to teach her baby is to “unrepentantly and lovingly be herself.”

“She’s going to live a very authentic life. I’ve been through some tough things in the public eye — divorce and what happened in my childhood — but it’s allowed me to spread my wings and enjoy adulthood,” she says. “I’m already seeing Monaco’s skills, and whether he’s on TV or an inventor, she’s going to be amazing at whatever he does.”

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“The best thing about motherhood is being able to start my life over,” adds the California native. “I am very grateful for my life. I would grow myself differently than I grew up, so with Monaco I can start fresh with her. I have deep conversations with her and we connect. We are safe places for each other and This is a huge milestone that I never had when I was younger. I get to hit that reset button as a mom and rebuild my childhood while creating the safest place for her to be the best part of my life.”

Jenkins, who joined Owl Beer, a leader in tea-based sodas and carbonated beverages, as chief brand officer this year, may appear to have it all together, but admits she’s far from perfect. “I’m still on the path of trust. I think the best I can do is not admit that I’m the best at anything,” she declares. “I’m just the best at being myself. The mistakes I’m learning, the skills I still want to acquire, the books I still want to read…every day those things are still just me being myself, just owning who I am at that stage. I have ups and downs, but that’s okay.”

America’s Test Kitchen: The Next Generation premiering Friday, December 9 on Amazon Freevee, with new episodes airing weekly through February 10.

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