Exclusive: Elaine Welteroth says the moment she welcomed her son was the most ‘joyful’ moment of her life: ‘I feel the happiest’

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Before welcoming the son Silver Isley Singletary in April 2022, Elaine Welterot she wasn’t sure what her life was going to be like as she constantly juggles different projects.

“It’s a lot more fun. As a career woman, I wasn’t waiting to have a baby at this precise moment. Throughout my pregnancy, I was mourning my old life and planning for the worst, and then the baby came. It’s the happiest, most joyful extension of my life, and life has expanded to include that. It was a bonus,” the 36-year-old, who he partnered with CIROC for the next iteration of #CIROCStands for Black Excellence, he tells exclusively Morning honey.

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“I’m struggling to understand how to be a mom and working at the same time,” she confesses. “It brought a fresh perspective that has only enriched my work and my personal life. It’s important to be prepared for the big changes, but it’s also important to share the joyous aspects of what it can be like to be a working mom so not everyone is scared shitless. It’s way more fun than I thought. I inherited a little friend!”

It’s no secret the brunette beauty, who got married Jonathan Singletarin 2020, he is constantly on the go, always thinking of new projects to dive into.

From writing More Than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are (No Matter What They Say)which was released in 2019, to appear as a judge in Project Runwayto write his advice column in the Washington Postit’s safe to say she’s busy and busy.

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“I always create what I need and I do it from a place of service,” he notes. “When I wrote my book, it was so much more than a memoir. It really was my testimony, and it was full of that stark truth you can’t really share on social media. That was the intention to offer some advice along the way.” path to the next generation of professionals who are following a similar path or who can relate on any level to the work I have done. It is about helping people navigate the pivots, personally and professionally. In this second chapter of my career , I’m exploring the novelty in my own life as a new mother Also.”

“As a new mom, my main goal is to raise awareness and use my own platform that I have,” she adds.

As for the future, the editor has two shows in development and they will debut in the fall. “It’s exciting,” she says. “I want to continue to expand the mediums in which I am reaching people and work more in television while maintaining my column and working on book #2. There is a lot of ongoing activities!”

Meanwhile, The speech the alum had a blast during Super Bowl weekend, where she joined other reporters MJ Acosta-Ruiz, Find Champions AND Kelsey Nicole Nelson to recognize these powerful Black women, explore their inspiring stories, and toast their success as they lead the way for others to do the same.

“It was a no-brainer. It was an opportunity to connect and build community with other women, especially black female journalists. It was very rewarding,” she says. CIROC is spotlighting the next generation of black sports journalism by shedding light on their excellence in pioneering culture. “I feel professionally that I have a responsibility to invest in other black journalists. CÎROC partners with NABJ year-round, so they’re making sure that NABJ extension is supported with the resources they need to keep the pipeline of journalists of color strong and thriving for the next generation of journalists that are on their way. It’s important to me to see brands rally around Black History Month.”

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“My favorite part was the conversation because it was so deep,” she notes. “These women are so accomplished and so influential in their individual spaces, but when we come together and share vulnerable stories, we share our testimonies. It has become really emotional and raw and transparent. I walked away feeling so connected to them – and our hearts they were full”.

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