Exclusive: Cookbook Author Gaby Dalkin ‘Wants to Keep Bringing People Together Over Food’

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Gabi Dalkin she has become a famous blogger and chef, and although she has published a number of cookbooks and her own website, What is Gaby cookingit is a success, it has other things to do achieve in his career.

“I want to continue to bring people together, from all walks of life, about food. I want to do more in-person events and bring people from different walks of life together to share a meal and make new friends – and I am super excited to launch our newest venture: Dalkin&Co! Your one-stop shop for condiments and pantry staples,” the 37-year-old, who partnered with tillamook to create two delectable summer sandwiches to die for, she tells exclusively Morning honey.

“Building What’s Gaby Cooking has been slow work since 2009 and it’s taken a long time to see traction. So, I’m excited about every milestone I’ve made, including meeting people on my book tours and working with more brands. greats like Tillamook. It’s such an exciting part of my career, and we live in a world where we don’t know what the future of digital is, so it’s fun to see what sticks,” he adds. “The highlight of my career is seeing my recipes in action in other people’s kitchens. Hearing from people that I make cooking less intimidating, you can’t beat that.”

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The blogger is quite busy, as her next cookbook is “all about demystifying grilling.”

“For me, grilling doesn’t have to be a whole thing pork or many racks of ribs. It can be a simple hamburger, a great piece of chicken, a rack of ribs. I wanted to help people understand that grilling isn’t all that different from cooking on the stove or using the oven—it’s just outside!” she explains, adding that she’d like to “keep writing cookbooks.”

“My two favorite parts are the team I have to help me create the book (my food stylist, prop stylist, and photographer). We’re basically like a mind meld of WGC, and it’s so much fun. My other favorite part it’s the book tour, the dinners, hearing how my recipes impact people’s lives is the best part of my career, period. My least favorite part is the editing. When you look at so many words over and over again, you start to think you’re spelling simple words like “the ‘wrong!'” she adds.

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Additionally, it is launching a line of spices called Dalkin&Co. “We will start with my most popular seasoning blends. For me, creating products that people can incorporate into food to make their life in the kitchen easier is a win. Having blends that you can use for multipurpose recipes is a big time saver,” shares.

Not to mention, Dalkin is thrilled to collaborate tillamook. “Tillamook is a dream brand that I’ve always wanted to work with, and I’ve been a supporter and buyer of their products for years. So when I heard from them, I obviously agreed,” she says.

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“To me, a burger is the quintessential summer and we all need to know how to do it right! Grilled chicken is like my club ride with a cilantro vinaigrette and chopped lettuce. Sometimes I think chicken sandwiches can be boring and I wanted to give them one that wasn’t boring at all,” he says of the delicious creations.

If you are not expert in the kitchenDalkin’s advice is simple: keep it simple!

“Find one thing you’re interested in learning, like salad dressing or a burger with great Tillamook cheddar, and do it over and over again until you’re comfortable with it. Then pick something adjacent to that and keep building.” A few months later, you’ll have some things that you trust and you can mix and match and put your own spin on things,” she says.

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