Exclusive: Chelsea Clark Reveals ‘Ginny & Georgia’ Season 2 Includes ‘More Drama & Suspense’

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It’s been almost two years since fans met Ginny (Antonia Gentri) and Georgian (Brianne Hoey) — but the wait has finally come to an end, like season 2 of John & Georgia will debut in January. chelsea clarkwho plays Norah in the Netflix series, reveals what people can expect when hijackings ensue.

“I’m excited for season two,” she says exclusively Morning honey. “It’s going to be exciting because it tackles similar themes through a different lens. You can expect a lot more drama and a lot more suspense. Naturally, there will be a lot more secrets that come out.”

origin 1Jerick Collantes

“We were all so excited to come back and be together. The girls who were a part of MANG (Maxine, Abby, Norah and then Ginny) are my real life friends. It seemed like we never stopped shooting. It was wonderful to be with the Same crew we worked with in Season 1, as well as having some new people as well,” the actress continues working alongside his cast mates.

Even the Canadian native has nothing but love for Gentry and Howey. “They put 110 percent into everything. They both show up on set and are ready to work and are there,” she notes. “They know what’s going on and are so wonderful and welcoming. You know you’re in good hands with them.”

Clark and Gentry share many scenes together, allowing them to improvise whenever possible. “It’s wonderful because you feel like you’re in a safe space when we’re all acting together,” she says. “With Brianne, she’s so beautiful and talented and it’s so amazing to watch her do her thing. Every time I look at her, I’m like, ‘I want to be on that level.’ She’s so good at what she does that I’m always in awe.”

Clark, who is close friends with the cast and crew, is thrilled that the show features so many powerful and fierce women.

“It’s so wonderful to see her have such a strong female friendship group and be in a group of women who aren’t really represented in TV and movies right now. It’s great when you see a group of girls not being pitted against each other.” other. Being able to play Norah, who feels so strongly about her friends, makes me feel so grateful for all my female friendships,” she says.

“It comes quite naturally to me,” she adds get into character. “It was a good foundation that I built for the character. So with season two, it felt like I was back to a well oiled machine. I was nervous at first because I hadn’t played her in so long, but once I got on the set, I realized that a lot of his character is also a part of me.”

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When people watch the show, the brunette beauty says she’d like people to “support their peers. This is a huge message, but be real. Life is so much more diverse and complicated than people see. It doesn’t make anyone whether it’s good or bad, it just means you have to be open to seeing both sides.”

The show, which stayed in the Netflix Top 10 for weeks, it became an instant hit – something Clark is still adjusting to. “It’s truly humbling to know that so many people have seen this show and resonated with it. I mean everything that’s going on. The storylines are accurate and relevant. It’s amazing to be a part of something you truly believe in.”

Though the Canadian native has appeared in other shows, such as Degrassi: Next classshe was thrilled when she worked as writer, director and producer for the Canadian television miniseries Ezra, which follows a gay vampire who enters the human world to find love. “I was in the writer’s room and I just remember building these worlds, which was a amazing experienceshe shares. ‘I was like, ‘No matter what I end up doing, this is the place for me. I love staying here. I love what the film industry does and I love the world you can create.'”

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As for the future, Clark hopes to be cast in another comedy series similar to John & Georgia. “Something fun and super relevant!” she exclaims. “I love these main women’s groups who now show up in the shows. I would like to be part of my show. I’m developing a series that I would like to be a part of. After Ezra, I’m like, ‘You can write for that. You can do it.'”

John & Georgia premieres on Netflix January 5.

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