Exclusive: Alex Borstein says it’s ‘great’ to be recognized for her role in ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’: ‘This show is the real win’

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Alex Borstein won SAG and Emmy Awards for playing Susie Myerson in First video‘S The wonderful Mrs. Maiselbut admitted it’s not always about the accolades at the end of the day.

“It’s great to have that recognition. It’s great to have a little more exposure. But the real win is that I won this show. It’s been six years of working with professionals and there’s been no drama,” the 52-year-old said exclusively Morning honey at the Prime Video Season 5 premiere in New York City on Tuesday, April 11.

The Hollywood starlet noted how important it is to see so many strong women featured in the comedy series.

“Midge, Susie, Shirley, Rose,” she said, referring to the characters’ names. “It’s unheard of, really, and that’s what I think the show has done. My greatest hope is that it has changed the landscape, and made it clear that a female-led show can be funny and it can be brilliant. It’s not just one woman at the helm”.

“The statues are a beautiful bonus. There is visibility, but I want to make a film,” he added.

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Borstein denies the show wrapper forever. “I refuse to believe it’s the last time,” she said. “I’ll keep showing up on set in my Susie hat and see what happens. It’s really hard. It’s like a breakup, and it’s like losing a big family. It’s losing a part of yourself as it’s this character that I’ve played for six years.” “.

Meanwhile the Family Guy star has a new comedy special coming up called Alex Borstein: corsets and clown costumeswhich will premiere on April 18. “I like to say it’s a dirty TED talk. There’s a lot of storytelling set to music. It’s about figuring out what I want now and my list after divorce. It’s about my experience. I want people to laugh.”

“I want you to spend an hour laughing while you iron or do your laundry. I want people to escape their day for a moment,” she continued. “I don’t know if there are other people out there struggling with divorce, but maybe it will help.”

As for what else Borstein has up his sleeve, wants to make a “really violent” film. “I want to kill someone on camera!” she joked. “It’s terrible?”

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The wonderful Mrs. Maisel will debut the first three episodes of its fifth and final season on Friday, April 14 onwards First video.

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