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Those who are now enjoying a well-deserved getaway and staying in a hotel will recognize some characteristics that their rooms usually have in common and that make, in general, the hotel room a comfortable and comfortable space whose use It usually goes a bit beyond just sleeping.

No matter how small the stay, a hotel room usually has room for a small console accompanied by a chair that acts as desk , a small closet is never missing and, the bed , tends to be as big as possible within the possibilities of the stay. Television is another element that does not fail and the whole gives rise to being a multidisciplinary space in which the same can work for a while, enjoy a coffee (if they have cups and small electric coffees, better than better), or rest watching a movie or your favorite series after a long day of tourism.

And however the pandemic and its consequences, such as teleworking, have made it very clear to us that multidisciplinary and versatile design is a necessity, we take Note of elements that bedrooms have in common (and that make them so comfortable) to export them to our rooms.

Things found in a hotel room that your bedroom should have Double lighting on the bedside The tables usually have two lighting systems. Conventional lamps are normally accompanied by a practical wall light with a directional spotlight that allows you to read individually without disturbing the passenger.

Alexandra Barcelona Hotel’s room. Curio Collection

The bed always with a headboard or decorated wall Here we enter the decorative field but it is rare the hotel room that does not have a headboard and if it does not have one, it is because something happens on that wall. A high plinth, a special design with wallpaper … in short, something that makes the headboard wall stand out.

A small desk or console with a comfortable seat for working What does not fail in hotel rooms are the small desks or consoles to work. These are always accompanied by a comfortable chair. Not an e-gamer model, but a better chair with padded and comfortable arms more similar to an armchair. A more appropriate element to include in the bedroom than the aforementioned e-gamer chair.

Alexandra Barcelona Hotel Y Curio Collection 2

A coffee and tea corner Most of the time a small tray with an electric kettle , a couple of cups and a box with infusions and instant coffee are enough to complete a practical corner in the bedroom of coffee.

The mirror to see the whole body In a hotel room you never lack a mirror to see yourself full body. It is usually located next to the entrance, where the closet is usually located and is an essential element in a complete bedroom.

Vincci Selección Posada del Patio hotel room

Two pillows per person Normally hotel beds have four pillows. Two on each side. In addition to dressing the bed in a more elegant way, they have different thicknesses and densities so that the user can choose which one to rest with according to their needs. And even if you are clear about your preferences, having a second pillow is very practical when lying down, reading …

A plaid at the foot of the bed Plaid is an essential decorative element to finish dressing the bed. It usually goes in tune with the headboard or some element of this wall and creates that effect of a well-dressed bed that is so pleasant.

La Bobadilla Barcelo Hotel Group And Royal Hideaway Luxury Hotels Resorts

Curtains against light and noise Hotel windows usually include double curtains. The traditional curtains are accompanied by falls that isolate the bedroom from light and noise at night. They also help to dress and complete the room.

Cover image Vincci Seleccion Posada Del Patio

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