Ebba Busch was afraid of losing voters

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Published: Today 10.39

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full screen The leader of the Christian Democratic Party Ebba Busch. Photographic archives. Photo: Anders Wiklund / TT

Christian Democracy would not have survived if the party abstained in the no-confidence vote, according to party leader Ebba Busch.

– We would have lost a lot more if we had tried to save Morgan Johansson, he says.

The Swedish Democrats, who raised the distrust call for Morgan Johansson (S), think it was the right time to do so now. And moderates believe there must be consequences if a minister doesn’t do his job

– There was a good chance of getting House support and then we took it, says Henrik Vinge, SD group leader.

SD was not fully counting on the support of wild politician Amineh Kakabaveh, but there was still a chance that she would be voted 175 which could have fired Johansson.

Henrik Vinge and moderate leader Ulf Kristersson think it is incomprehensible that Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson (S) turned distrust into a government issue. She was a person, not the government.

Löfven as an example

Kristersson highlights Stefan Löfven as an example of how Andersson should have acted.

– He let two ministers go himself, as well as a wise prime minister, says Kristersson of when Infrastructure Minister Anna Johansson and then Interior Minister Anders Ygeman had to leave their posts.

At the same time, Löfven defended Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist, who was not allowed to stop to avoid distrust.

KD leader Ebba Busch believes the Prime Minister should have gotten rid of Johansson instead of putting the entire government at risk. At that point, Andersson’s party could have canceled the agreement with Kakabaveh, among other things, on support for the Kurds who fought against IS in northern Syria.

Busch met with parliamentary reporters two hours before the vote.

– We know that things are slow in NATO’s implementation, we know that there are problems due in particular to Amineh Kakabaveh.

“I lost”

Busch does not see that the threat of mistrust of Johansson by right-wing parties has made it more difficult to enforce NATO by shedding light on Sweden’s relations with Kurdish organizations.

– I do not think Turkey or other parties in the NATO application would have forgotten it these days just because it has not been discussed in domestic politics.

Johansson was saved by Kakabaveh and his agreement with the Social Democrats to deepen cooperation with the Kurdish Democratic Trade Union Party PYD.

According to Busch, the Christian Democrats had to bear the mistrust because the alternative had been much worse. You reason both strategically and objectively and he believes he has had a hard time motivating his voters because someone who has failed in the fight against crime should stay.

– We had lost a lot more in being experts in rescuing Morgan Johansson and he is completely secondary to this second problem, says Busch.

– It would have been easier for the moderates to have chosen that route, because they serve a slightly different function, he says.

But Ebba Busch adds that he does not think that the Moderates should have acted differently in substance.


The KD leader did not think Magdalena Andersson would make Johansson’s eventual resignation a so-called cabinet matter.

– I don’t think it was expected or necessary.

Busch does not rule out that KD could sustain a new mistrust during the short time left until the elections. The SD wing says they aren’t planning any right now.

Speaker for MP Per Bolund and his party abstained despite the Greens’ criticism of Johansson’s efforts. But the main purpose of SD is only to create chaos and chaos, says the spokesperson.

– The sad thing here is that the Moderates and Ulf Kristersson, Ebba Busch and the Christian Democrats are ready to follow suit and do what SD wants, Bolund says.

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